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Hello Beauties!
Its been about a month I know! Don't shoot me. My son ( I don't know which one) spilled water on my Macbook and my fingers have been tied since. Working from my phone during that time has been a pain and I will never take having a working computer for granted again. My husband came home to day with a brand new macbook (he was tired of me complaining lol) AND he upgraded my Beyonce |Formation tour tickets to FLOOR TICKETS! This man almost took me out today, it was too much to take in. I'll definitely come back and share with you all my thoughts on the concert after I go on Sunday, May 1. Are you going?

Any-who, this post isn't about Beyoncé, its about spring makeup. I wanted to do something light and flirty. I couldn't really blog, but I could push my computer enough to put out one video. After that it died...completely. RIP.

Check out the tutorial below and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, what kind of look do you all want to see for my summer makeup tutorial? Chime in if you'd like. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Thanks again for keeping up with ya girl.
- Bee

H E Y  B E A U T I E S!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tampax through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Tampax Pearl, all opinions are my own.

Spring break is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me, your bags are already packed and waiting by the door. Spring break also happens to be around my best friends birthday, and we are excited to get out of Atlanta for a few days to celebrate at the beach. Might I also add, kid free! 

Before any trip, you find yourself trying to figure out what to bring. When you lay everything out on the bed you ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" Well let me help save some time being indecisive. Outside of the bags you traveled with, when heading to the beach you want to travel as light as possible. Here are my must have items to make your trip to the beach/night out on the town stress free. 

G O - T O  B E A U T Y  I T E M S

My Go-to's: Cover Girl Pressed Powder, Bobby Brown Lip Balm, YSL Faux Cils Mascara, Ultra Matte ColourPop Lip in Solow

Ladies, I know that we want to be cute at all times, however wearing a full face to the beach!? Who does that? Keep it simple with a little powder, waterproof mascara and lipstick. That's all you need with a killer pair of sunglasses. Keeping your compact powder on hand comes in handy because it also has a mirror. This saves you the trip restroom to reapply your lipstick and fix your hair. 

T R A V E L  S I Z E  P E R F U M E/  S A M P L E S

Never thought of this, huh? Now is the best time to use those perfume samples you've collected, every time you purchased something at Macy's or Sephora. Many times, we find ourselves heading from the beach to the bar. After you take a quick shower at the beach, freshen up with perfume samples of your favorite scents. They fit perfectly in your cosmetic bag or wristlet and you won't get caught slipping.

B R E A T H  M I N T S

After you've finished your enchilada's, you may want to freshen your breath just in case the cute guy at the bar strikes up a conversation. I also prefer mints over gum because they dissolve in your mouth. Gum over a short period of time doesn't take very well. You then find yourself looking for a trash can to spit it out. Most people don't find a trash can, so to prevent your gum from ending up on the bottom of my shoe *insert angry emoji* just use breath mints. =)

P A I N  R E L I E V E R

Maybe it's just me, but when I'm out having an amazing time, nothing ruins my night more than that random headache that creeps up on you.


This is not something you should only carry on vacation, but at all times. Especially on a girls trip. Someone is always in need of a tampon. Although its been said that women syncing is an urban myth, it still happens. I've been using Tampax Pearl since my high school days and after all of these years they remain my go-to for that time of the month. They are super easy to use, and slip in and out of your bag without leaving the bulk of a maxi pad. 

H A N D  S A N I T I Z E R

Cell phones, door knobs, and sticky bar tables, Oh My! Keep hand sanitizer in your cosmetic bag/wristlet to combat the millions of germs that will be transferred onto your hands daily. No one wants to return home from an awesome vacation feeling sick. Be on the safe side and sanitize your hands often.

Go from the beach to the bar with everything you need to refresh in tote. Are there any items you would add or take away? Tell me below in the comments.

Until next time,

~ H E Y  B E A U T I E S ~

Today I'm excited to share with you some Make Up For Ever newness set to hit Sephora shelves some time in March 2016. Happy March by the way! I'm so excited because the Sun will be out sooner than we know. Who else is ready for Spring? Ok, back to MUFE.

MUFE is adding 3 new products to their existing Pro Sculpting line, and they've made it possible for me to show them to you. Lets start with...

3 - I N - 1  P R O  S C U L P T I N G  B R O W  P E N C I L - $2 7

Shades Pictured: 40 & 50

Ok, I must give MUFE some props for this 3-in-1 brow pencil. These days even the most minute detail will set you apart. Especially since many are switching to a beveled (pointed) brow tip. Mufe decided to take it a step forward by adding a soft sponge tip in the center of the pencil to highlight and arch your brow bone. (Pictured above)

2 - IN - 1  P R O  S C U L P T I N G  L I P - $2 7

MUFE Kept the duo theme going with this 2-in-1 Pro Sculpting Pencil. I love that the lip applicator is rounded, giving me or control over the product and like the sculpting brow pencil, it also has sponge applicator with a cream to powder highlighter. This can be used to accentuate your cupids bow, also to create an ombre lip. You will place the highlighter in the center of your lips first, then line and fill in the color to you lips just before the highlighter. Press your lips together to merge the two products together, giving you a gorgeous pout.  Here are a few swatches...

Shades Pictured: 11, 04, 10 & 05

P R O  S C U L P T I N G  F A C E  P A L E T T E - $4 5

Available in 4 Shades: Light 20, Medium 30, Tan 40 (pictured Top), Dark 50 (pictured Bottom)

" Pro Sculpting Palette Face Palette is an all-in-one tool that subtly accentuates definition in four simple steps." Shout out to the person who writes the description to cosmetic items. These four colors serve as 1. Highlight 2. Contour 3. Shimmer 4. Cheek/Blush. I love compact items like this that tackle so many things. You can slip this one item into your purse and be prepared for what ever your day throws at you. Leaving work and get asked on a last minutes dinner date? Take out this palette and refresh the contour, add shimmer + cheek color and you're good to go. They will never believe you just left a stress day at on the job.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this preview of MUFE's New Pro Sculpting collection. Keep an eye out at you local Sephora for them.  

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

*Items featured in this post were provided by Make Up For Ever. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

H E Y  B E A U T I E S !

I'm excited to share with you all my first impression of Essence Beauty Box, a subscription box service powered by Essence Magazine (of course). As many of you know, I'm huge on packaging, not just rose gold lipstick tubes, but shipping boxes and logos as well. I love colorful logo and box. Its eye grabbing and makes me anxious to know what's inside. 

3 Full Size products, and 3 Sample Size Products. 

Kiss Lashes, Broadway Lash glue, Colgate Optic White Travel size, Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Soak it up Oil Cocktail, Miss Jessie's Coil Custard Sample, and Iman Lip Shimmer lip gloss.

M Y  R E V I E W

My initial response to the box/items was that it was okay. I wasn't wow'd by the box, however, I knew I wasn't really giving it a real chance. So that's when I told myself to stop thinking like a spoiled blogger who gets free stuff all the time (just being honest.) For the everyday woman, this box and the items inside are perfectly curated. It literally has you covered from your hair to your teeth.

I received a number of subscription boxes to review, I never used everything in the box. I may have used 1 item out of the 8 I received. However with this box,  I'm sure I will use everything except the Miss Jessie's Coil Custard. I have Locs and its simply too heavy for my hair. Which doesn't bother me too much because its a sample size. I'm super excited about the Dark and Lovely Soak it up oil Cocktail! I have a feeling that my hair will love it. 

Would I pay $15 for this box? Absolutely. If you go on EssenceBeautyBox.com under the 'In The Box' tab, you can see the previous boxes you've missed and the items that were inside. I can honestly say I would have enjoyed all of them.  I love that the website links to where you can buy items featured in each box. It would also be cool if there was an option to buy boxes you missed in the past. That's assuming more were available, but I doubt it. Even so, I understand how that might be too much to keep up with over time. 

In this box, I'm most excited about the Cover FX Mattifying Primer. I currently swear by their Anti-Aging Primer and have been meaning to give this one a try as well. Now I can be sure I'll love it (which I'm sure I will) before buying the full size for my kit. 

My only con is, based on the website my February box should also include an Iman Lipstick. So I'm missing one item. Definitely something I would've liked to try. 


Its reassuring knowing that a team of black women are creating beauty boxes monthly for women like me. No one understands the black woman more than Essence, and this is why their subscription box is a complete WIN. I wish they would've thought of it sooner.

J O I N ( click here )

Like I mentioned previously, the subscription service is only $15 on a month to month plan. However, if you sign up for the 6 or 12 month plan, you can score each box for $12.50 each! The only catch is that you have to pay it all upfront. I know people who spend $20 a day at StarBucks, so $12.50 to $15 a month for a box with over $35 worth of product in it isn't hurting anyones pockets. 

If you are looking to join a subscription box service, definitely go with this one. Its worth it, and most importantly they literally think about YOU (your skin tone, hair type, and colors that compliment them) while putting each box together. 

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

H E Y  B E A U T I E S !

Here we are yet again with another liquid matte liquid lipstick to review. I'm just trying to keep up with all the new liquid lipsticks coming out because now there are so many. With that being said I'm very critical of them. So before I get into my review, lets get into these swatches.


ATB Review:

After trying on all of the lip sticks, I decided that I don't love them. However, I don't hate them either. The texture is very nice! I absolutely loved how they felt on the lips. Super soft and velvet. The colors are very vibrant in the tube, however to achieve the displayed color, you might need to add on 2 or 3 layers. I like my lip colors to pop, however with this product, the more you add, the more slippery it becomes and then it bleeds. I tried to wait in between coats to apply, however the formula never transitioned from a gloss to matte finish. I like the product, however I do not believe the name of the item properly reflects what it does. I would've called it a semi matte gloss....or something. LOL

Nice texture, great colors, however they are not matte which for many you might be a good thing. If you don't like the dry feeling of a true matte lipstick, definitely check these out. You're going to love how they feel! Again, just be careful not to over apply because it will be come runny and bleed through. 

Until Next time, 
- B e e

*Items featured in this post were provided by Maybelline for review/testing purposes. All thoughts & opinions are my own.*
H E Y  B E A U T I E S!

I'm back with yet another amazing brush set dupe feature. They are l e g i t, and by that I mean really nice lol. You guys know how I feel about brushes, you can never have enough. Knowing we can't fight the urge, most of us continue to buy them. From low end to high end we break the bank for the perfect bristle and handle. This is why its important (to me) to find cheap, high quality brush sets!

This 12 piece brush set by JESSUP  (pictured above) is to die for. With any brush set, there's always the 1 or 2 you can do with out, and that still applies here. However, the set as a whole is amazing and is worth every bit of $24 (with free shipping). Now, before some of you attack me with the whole pay for quality speech, I do. I will never pay for just a name. If I buy something I love be it $1 or $1000 its because I really like it, not because of the name its attached to. These may not be Tom Fords, but they look very similar, (I can't say if they feel similar because I don't own any) and I love them. Just being honest. *Kanye Shrug*

Check out Tom's Brush set below:

Image source: The Beauty Gypsy

The lowest price for one brush in this set is $56 and the highest, The bronzer brush which is the second brush in the photo is $184! (*Insert crying emoji here*) Until I'm on tour with someone well known, that pays me well or working on a tv show, I'm not sure I want to take this plunge. If its well within your budget, go a head...get them and let me know how they are, seriously. Email me when or if you have them! lol 

Lets talk about this Jessup Brush Set for a quick second. That's if you're still reading, most of you probably already have the purchase link up in another tab. LOL. The face brushes are super fluffy, but with the right density. Great for dusting powder on and off the face. I will say that they are a little rough on the edges, however after I washed them, they felt soft like a baby's bottom. In case you didn't know, when you purchase new brushes from anywhere, even MAC...wash them first before using! You don't know who's hand or face they have been on. Customers at the MAC store reach in jars and play with them all the time. 

Moving on...

The hairs on the brush are a synthetic blend, perfect for applying foundations and primers!

Out of all of the eye brushes, I didn't care for the angled eyeliner brush. Its way too thick and is practically useless. Unless you were using it to feather out your eyeliner for a smokey look. Yet, its still too thick for my taste. Over all its a great set and can be purchased separately if you're not interested in the entire set.

Another thing I love is the width of the brush handles. I was able to stand them all up on my desk for a photo! That should tell you something. This also means they are not ideal for brush belts.  For my pro mua's out there reading you will have to carry them in a brush canister. These sit nicely on my desk, because for once I bought this set for ME! lol

While I know you all are probably looking for a break down on how to use each brush,  I'll save that for a YouTube video. So stay tuned to my channel for that! This post would be really long if I did that here. I just wanted to come and give you all the run down of this amazing set. Its not Tom Ford, but its Jessup, & Jessup brushes are amazing. 

*Unlike my other brush posts, this seller is located here in the United States, so you do not have to wait a month to receive them.* 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you purchase this set come back and leave your review in the comments. Also tag me on instagram @AllThingsbee and/or use the hashtag #ATBBeautyFind. Also use this hash tag if you find a sweet deal and would like for me to see it. 

I purchased this set from the seller below so I CAN vouch for them. Select "12 pcs Coffe Gold Brushes- CG12". They have other amazing brush options, so stock up if your heart desires. 

Do know that I'm not receiving a dime from this post. I'm just sharing the love. I hope you will do the same and share this post with a friend.

Until Next time,
- Bee <3