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Ok so last week I pretty much hit the jackpot when I received two (2) premium tickets to Oprah's, The Life You Want Tour! First off, its OPRAH! Secondly, these seats together are valued around $1500 or more. So it was a blessing to receive them and take my Grandma (in-law) who's been trying see Oprah for a very long time now! When the Oprah show ended, she felt all hope was lost...until I called her to accompany me to this event. Her excitement level was on 10, and it was great! Definitely a once in a life time opportunity. 

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What Oprah's "The Life You Want Tour" is about, is pretty self explanatory. Bringing along with her to helps us get our lives together are this stellar line-up of "O" Trailblazers; Iyanla Vanzant, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra, MD. Let me tell you, if you can make it to this event GO! I know the tickets are pricey, which is kind of expected (its OPRAH!) is well worth it. If you can't afford to go, I pray you get lucky like I did for someone to grace you with a pair. Oh, and bring tissue! There is a chance you will cry. 

Arriving, I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know what message I'd be bringing home. In a room full of thousands upon thousands of people, one message can be received in a number of ways. If I were to interview 10 people in the room, I'd have 10 different stories of what others took home from O's message. Oprah didn't share much of anything we all or most of us don't know, but hearing about her life in person made it...more powerful.

Oprah and I's upbringing (though from one generation and I from another) have some similarities. I
too like Oprah grew up in an abusive home, I had a difficult relationship with my mother. I also, like Oprah was molested at a young age and raped at the age of 17 by someone in my home church. Now, most people who know me personally know this of me and have talked to me, and counseled me through it. To be honest, most of them never went through anything like I have to be able to relate. That always made it hard for me to accept their counsel. I felt they just didn't understand. Oprah said a lot of the things they've said to me. "It's not your fault this happened to you."" You can be what ever you want to be," and so on and so forth.

These are all things I've heard many times...but from people who have no clue how hard it is to live through such events. To see Oprah where she is now, with a past like mine; a past that I once thought defined who I was and who'd I'd free from it is amazing. Notice I didn't say rich, or successful...but FREE. I'd be lying if I said I had it all together. I'd be lying if I said the little girl inside of me doesn't feel pain, but on this day I felt a release. I felt hope like I've never felt before. I am taking this journey of mine one day at time, and figuring it all out as I go. The success will come, and honestly the more I've let go the more I've received.

Since we're being honest, I've been a bit reserved (not giving my ALL) on my journey as a makeup artist/blogger out of fear. Fear that I'll be everything my mother said I am, and fear that I'll actually fly. Yes, I am afraid to fly! I am afraid to find out how amazing I am or can be. Sounds crazy huh? For it to make more sense, I'd have to share more, and I will in due time. When I got home, I made a list of supplies I'd need to create a new vision board. One with purpose, one without fear. I said to my husband, "If all these amazing opportunities have come my way while moving forward in fear, what would happen if I move it out the way? What will I become if I begin to move in such a way; with confidence & intention?" He didn't have a response, then I said "Amazing right?!" lol

Oprah opened my eyes to reasons I'm not where I want to be, and things I need to do to get there. I'm looking forward to doing things with more intent. What an amazing story. What an amazing life! Thank you Oprah, for sharing! Thank you for your transparency.

I hope I didn't ramble too much here. I tend to type how I talk/think and sometimes my thoughts are always all together. LOL

White interactive bracelets that light up. See video below.

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SO! You're sister, cousin, aunty, best-friend's friend started a cosmetic line? No really?! While I am not here to take away from the businesses many have created, I am here to make you aware of something. An an entrepreneur, I understand the time and money that is goes into starting a business. Starting a makeup line, even through private label is not cheap. Though I understand its important to make a profit, too many of these "new" cosmetic lines are raping people's pockets with their ridiculous pricing. Here are a few examples of products you may have seen multiple new cosmetic lines selling. First...

What is Private Label Cosmetics?

"Private labeling means adding your logo to our products – Components, boxes and displays.Private labeling allows you to position yourself on the market in a professional manner and enables you to compete with confidence against the major brand names."-

So pretty much they've done all the hard work for you. They've done the research, came up with the shades and formulas, etc. All you have to do now is purchase the product and have your logo placed on it. There are many LARGE private label cosmetic lines out there that you purchase from and you don't even know it.
Here are some makeup palette's you may have seen in a new cosmetic line. Palette's like these typically run for $8-$20. That I actually don't have a problem with. The problem I do have is when I see them being sold for $35-$80. YES, I have seen the palette far right go for $75. On my Facebook Page, I posted a picture of an 88 Palette that I got for about $15. The number of people comments saying, "OMG I just bought that same palette for $75! I feel so cheated!" With that said, hit up or eBay for these palettes. They are priced well for the amount you're receiving and the quality. Be careful on eBay as well! Read reviews and make sure the seller is legit. No matter how many times I put the word out, I still receive emails about how you've spent $80 on a $10 palette. Do your research! Moving on...

Does this lip gloss look familiar? I have probably seen this same lip product being sold by 10 new cosmetic lines. Recently at an event, there were two different cosmetic lines selling this same item for two different the SAME BUILDING. LOL! I was so tickled by it.  Any-who these lip glosses actually aren't that bad. They are very pigmented and come in a variety of shades. I think the problem for me is the lack of originality these days. Its hard receiving emails from 3 different cosmetic companies asking me to review their products, when all three carry the same items. I'm not doing that! lol How many ways can I describe the same product, and eventually you (my readers) will notice, "Hey, didn't she review this already?" So I just don't. Private label cosmetics I do enjoy that aren't over priced is Auraline Beauty! I must say I love their eyeshadows and lip glosses.

Once again, I'm not trying to shade new cosmetic owners. I do want to challenge them to be a bit more creative. Just because private labels have collections put together that you can just buy and slap your name on, try putting one of your own together. You have to do a little bit more to stand out knowing other lines out there carry the same product you do.

Ok, I know this post is a little vague. It's clear I needed to vent a little and that this really bothers me. I understand you need to make a profit, but price them correctly. Charging $30 for this lip gloss is wrong. Charging $75 for an 88 palette is wrong! Take your money and head over to MAC, Sephora, or support those who've whipped up their own cosmetic line right in their home. Like PNK Digger, Magnolia Makeup, Live Victoriously Cosmetics, and so many more.

Check out this blog post about a SIGMA Brush set sold here in the U.S for over $100, that I found on eBay for $14. I'm telling you guys, there are ways to save! Shop around and make sure

What are your thoughts on private label cosmetics? Have you ever been tricked out of your money by a new "instagram" cosmetic line? 

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I can finally share this post! lol I had to wait until the show aired!
Watch SWV REUNITED on weTV Thursdays @10pm & 9pm central!

One of the goals on my vision board for 2014 is to work on set of a television show. As you can see in the photo above, I'm able to check that off my list. Myself and two other makeup artists (Alexandra Butler @themuaalex and Geno Freeman @genotheartist) who are no rookies to the green screen are responsible for the makeup looks seen in WeTV's SWV Reunited promo pics and videos. Alex was paired with Coko, Geno w/ Taj, and myself w/ LeLee. 
LeLee Lyons Social Cam: Make Me Look HOT! Video of LeLee & I on set. 

Though I'm excited to share about this opportunity, I am not here to gloat (like most folk do). One thing that I feel makes my blog special is not only that I'm a Makeup Artist/ Beauty blogger, but I actually share what goes on behind the scenes. I'm not afraid to expose my imperfections, and I'm not afraid to share my growth/journey as a makeup artist. I can't sit here and make Makeup Artistry look easy, it'd be a lie.  I want to share the "I should have or should not have done" thats with you.  So that's what I'm about to do.
Here are a few things everyone should know gearing up for their first day working with on a green screen or television set.

1. On Set you receive little to no direction/ instruction. 
This is a given in the beauty industry. You have to know your stuff. No one is going to hold your hand or babysit you on set.  Though on a TV set for the first time, magazine shoots don't go much differently. They show you what the client is wearing and you create the look from there. From time to time, on magazine shoots vision boards are created for some direction, but be prepared just they aren't available to you. One thing you can do to practice is recreate looks from magazines. Any magazine! Rip a page out, find yourself a model and recreate the look from the spread. This help train the eye and sharpen your technique. 

2. The makeup won't look the same once your client is moved to the green screen. 

The lighting in the Makeup room is different from they way they light the set. The green screen brings out a lot of yellow tones. Its important to be able to adjust to the lighting, or apply makeup in a way that lighting changes won't reveal flaw(s).  So next time I'm graced with the opportunity, I will tone down the highlight and do a less dramatic eye. You live and you learn right!? I'm writing this blog post because I wish I found a post like this the night before my SWV gig...cause I sure did search for one. I was nervous! LOL
Green Screen Candid's of LeLee

3. Must Have Thick SKIN!

If you are a makeup artist, this is also a given! Whether your client is a celeb or not, if they or the producer don't like what you did and asks you to fix it, just do it! Don't take it personal, nobody is attacking you. If anything they are helping you. You're work is going to appear before the world, make sure it represents you.


Set makeup really puts your knowledge and technique to the test. The things you once felt you got down, you suddenly realize you don't at all. I promise for half a second I was like, "awe damn...I don't know how to do makeup anymore!!!" Anyway, Brush up on your skills. Go back to the basics! If you had to focus on one thing, I would say focus on SKIN!!! There is NO NEED for more than 2 eyeshadows with TV Makeup! I didn't know then, but I know now! Next time, I will keep it simple. 


None of this is to discourage or scare you! The conversations I've had with other makeup artists about this have all gone the same. We all have our horror stories/times we wish we did something different. This post is to say, prepare for your  moment the best you can. Be mindful of these things listed above. I feel like I'm leaving so much out because a lot happened that day. If you happen to be a more experienced makeup artist reading this post and you have advice that would be beneficial to myself or my readers...please....leave them in the comments. 

Overall outside of the changes I would've made to the eyeshadow and highlight/contour....hell everything, I did pretty good for a first timer. Also, LeLee has reached out to me for makeup a number of times after this! She even tagged me in a post as one of her favorite makeup artists, so I couldn't have bombed as bad as I feel I did. However, when the opportunity presents itself again, I will apply these changes and let you know how it goes. I have the feeling that it won't be long after the interview I just had to work on another hit tv show! Time will tell all....

I'll keep you all posted! 

Don't be afraid to fall, Don't be afraid to shine! 

Until Next Time,
<3 Bee

So, Last night went a little something like this....

Photos by Prince Williams of

Last night I had the honor of attending a private screening of the anticipated film, "No Good Deed" Starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson; followed by an intimate dinner at STRIP at Atlantic Station with actress Taraji and Producer Will Packer. First, I would like to add that I really appreciated the small gathering. It gave media an opportunity to really get a feel for the movie and who Taraji & Will are; as industry pros and everyday people. Here, they didn't feel above anyone, here they weren't "celebrities." Just people connecting with other people who's no longer separated by the red carpet. Unlike Think Like A Man Too movie premiere here in ATL (also Produced by W. Packer). It was crazy to say the least! That's just what happens when Kevin Hart comes to town. (lol)

I'm holding my review until the day No Good Deed hits theaters on September 12, 2014. So come back and read it before or after you see it.  (I suggest you read it after.) One thing I can tell you is to go see this movie because it is the FIRST black thriller with 2 Black Leads. Support Black Films!!!! Put your reservations aside (if you have any) and go see it for that one simple fact.

Here are a few photos from the night: 

Selfie with Taraji & Will

In Theaters September 12, 2014! Support Black Films
View Trailer HERE!

Taraji P. Henson & Will "Power" Packer

Waiting for them to arrive! Check my head wrap...My naturals know what this 

Listening intently to Will and T!

Hello Beauties!

You may have heard of the product before. Hell, you may even have it and never used it for what its really for (lol). Albolene is a "moisturizing cleanser that liquifies on contact with your skin.  Gently and thoroughly disloves makeup dirt, and even mascara." You all know I love to read the labels (you'd be surprised of how many people don't) and use the product exactly as it is instructed. 

Most women from what I've seen, use this product to help them sweat more in the waist area while working out. They apply Albolene to their stomach, sides and back. Then tightly cover the area with saran wrap. While working out the product creates a barrier on top of the sweat glands which causes the area to sweat more in the concentrated area. To be honest this is how/why I discovered discovered and purchased this product. I have not wrapped my belly with it yet to review it in that way, also, I didn't want to without using it for its true purpose anyway. LOL am I weird?

In one of my most popular blog posts I shared with you all that I have severely dry skin. Psoriasis and Eczema to be exact. I have really bad dry patches all around my nose, chin, behind and inside my ears! Crazy right? lol The front of the product says, "The Makeup Comes off, the Moisture stays in." So I had to give it a try. I wish I took a before and after. Even I if I did, I have to be honest and say I'd be afraid to post them. The dry patches on my face are just that bad. I use to wake up in the morning to large flakes on my face and it was simply embarrassing. Key word....WAS!

Using Albolene for a little over a week now, I am surprised and happy to say the dry patches on my face are almost 100% gone and healed! This has never happened before. I've found products to help maintain/ temporarily rid of my outbreaks (i.e Aquaphor and Me & The Girls Belza Beauty Bar) but I've never had anything get rid of and repair the skin underneath they dry patches. Outside of it being a makeup remover, this is an amazing product for those with dry skin. I would recommend men with extremely dry skin give it a shot as well. It's also great for removing your makeup. No need to panic or rush to the store when you run out of makeup remover wipes. 

If you are also interested in seeing how this works on your waistline, by all means give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Do you already use Albolene to help you sweat more in your waist line? Has it ever even dawned on you that its a facial cleanser? If so, have you tried it? If not, TRY IT! lol

Albolene can be purchased online and at you local Walgreens for $10-$13 (depending on where you buy!)

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

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(Because I was about to flip a table. LOL)

Yesterday was a typical full day. Woke up, fed the kids, bathed the kids, preschool prep, makeup clients, check/respond to emails, grocery shopping, made lunch/dinner, do laundry, sanitize makeup kit, etc. I can honestly keep going with all that's required of me each day. When I put the kids to bed last night, I went and sat on the couch and just began staring at the wall.