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 H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !

I don't know if you've noticed, but it seems that Make Up For Ever is doing a lot of rebranding. They are renaming, reformulating and rebranding many of their products. Today I'm here to talk about one of them. Their soon to be released, Water Blend Foundation!

I never had the pleasure of trying MUFE's face and body foundation to know how its holds up to the NEW Water Blend foundation. Apparently this will be replacing that foundation, so I hope people out there who are in love with that one, also love the new formula. I can tell you now that when I read that it was 80% water I thought to myself, "there is no way in hell I'm paying $43 for a foundation that 80% water. I'll just add water to one of my foundations thats running out!." (Lmbo, yes I'm silly...)

However, I must say I am pleasantly surprised that...I LOVE IT! View swatch and quick before and after below...

 It come with a pump! That's always good.

Swatches! See shade names below...
SHADES: Y445 Y445 Y505
Here I am wearing shade Y505. I'm tanned right now so I'm sure in the winter I'll go down to Y445 (the first one) Yup. I'm super tanned right now. LOL *insert sad face* I wish it would stay forever.

I'm not wearing anything in the before photo. Not even a primer...that is my skin in all its unedited glory. As you can see in the after photo, this foundation did an awesome job evening out my skin tone. You can still see some of my blemishes, but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. I do have somewhat nice skin, so that helps as well. This foundation is medium coverage at best, so if you're looking for more coverage pass on this one. If you are someone who is looking for an ultra light, refreshing foundation, this is it! 

When applying it felt so cool, refreshing, and moisturizing. Which is why I say its the perfect foundation for summer. I don't know where you are, but its H O T in Georgia. Even in the heat, I do at times want to look put together with out the cake or heaviness of a regular foundation. If you're looking for something light yet affective to get you through the summer...look no further.

My skin ate this up, but in the best way possible. Maybe its just me, but the cool sensation I felt was the kind of feeling you get when applying vix vapor rub to your chest. Just soothing to my skin. I have ultra dry skin and I'm not just saying that. I don't recommend applying this foundation with a beauty blender. Since its water based it will more than likely absorb most of it. Use a dense round or flat top brush to apply. 

OH YES! I forgot to mention the most random thing about this foundation. It smells really good! Like perfume or something. Whatever it is, its a pleasant scent. Foundations don't usually smell very good, so it was a nice surprise.

Make Up For Ever's Water Blend Foundation ($43) can be purchased on their website now and in Sephora on 7/22/2016. Today! Let me know if you decide to check it out, also if its a hit or miss for you!
H E L L O  B E A U T I E S

*speaking quickly* 

Beauty News: Anastasia Beverly Hills launched a NEW Glow kit called Moonchild! I don't have it yet to review. Its looks pretty! Now that I've given you some beauty talk, on to whats really on my mind... and I'll try to be quick. My mind is moving a mile a minute so, these are literally my thoughts below in no particular order or all together. I just need to get this out my mind...

Two black men were murdered on camera in less than 24hrs. One for selling cd's in front of a store where he received permission to do so. The other died on Facebook live as hundreds of thousands of people watched him take his last front of his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter. He told the cop he had a gun, I'm sure in the hopes that the cop didn't randomly see it and shoot him. Didn't matter. They shot and killed him anyway. I'm not going to go deep into detail, you can google that. 

I like many of you who actually care about black lives find ourselves a little restless this morning. Scrolling through our social media timelines all night, watching the same videos over and over again. Doing our best to avoid the comment section because that's where the "all lives matter" crew rally to co-sign each others ignorance. 

With my lack of sleep and all, a petty spirit came over me. I decided to go on every white persons page (that I'm friends with) on Facebook, Ig, Twitter, etc.. and look for support, empathy, sympathy. Found nothing. So then I thought to myself, "...maybe they haven't been online in a while." Oh what's that? They last posted 20min ago?! Oh, okay. Do you really think I want to see your ass smiling on the damn beach wearing "boxer braids" right now? You think I want to watch videos of you turning up to rap music? I'm jealous that you get to enjoy the things we love and created without ever being labeled anything other than "chic" and "hip." 

Like many of my other black friends who've expressed this via snapchat and Facebook, I too am annoyed by the silence of our white "friends" who swear up and down that they are not racist. Why are you so silent? Don't comment and tell me how many black friends you have. Comment telling me how you are going to use your white privilege to help spread awareness! Use it to put your racist parents and grandparents in their place! Call them out on their ignorance. You guys have power. Power that we could use toward the fight against police brutality; but you privileged mother fuckers only use it when you want to steal our trends and pass them as your own. Your silence is what's fueling racism! Your silence is the reason why it won't end. 

Here's a quote (unknown source) that sums up how I'm feeling perfectly. 

Why is it so hard to admit that some cops are racist? That some don't care to try and spare the life of a black man?! I know for a fact that at some point in your life you've heard your aunts and uncles talk about black people, don't lie! You know you've heard them call us monkeys, lazy, make fun of our hair and our music. Right?! How can you believe we are making these things up? Why do you CHOOSE to believe blacks are making these stories up? Why is video not enough for you? You're not racist you say. You have black friends you say. Well have you ever asked them how your silence makes them feel? Do you even care? I mean, you have black friends right! Friends care about each other...right?

Do you not realize that some of your grand and great grand parents are in this photo?!?!?! How do you not realize that the white woman in the 2016 photo represents some of your parents. That hate was passed down....

All I'm trying to say is, have a heart. Its ok to say black lives matter. You can say it and still keep ALL of your white privilege! If you could pause and take a moment to honor the lives of the Pulse victims, why can't you do that now? Please tell me how its not the same. These are hate crimes! 

I don't know what else to say guys. I haven't slept ALL night and I had to get this off my chest in the hopes that after, I could rest. Sad to say....I don't feel any better. Knowing so many of you are willing to stand by silently as these things happen truly makes me sick to my stomach.

...but by all means. Keep blasting our music, watching Kevin Hart movies, braiding your hair, filling your lips and your ass. Keep associating yourselves with us when its convenient for you while we lay in pools of our own blood. 

an angry black woman.

H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !
Have you heard of The Estée Edit?! No? Well incase you didn't know, Estée Lauder had a baby in effort to cater to younger consumers. Have you seen their display in Sephora?! Before I get into my first looks something like this...
Major change in the packaging to appeal to millennials.  
The Esteé Edit offers a wide range of bold colors. Some you're less likely to see at Esteé Lauder.
Loving these Nude lip pencils and lipsticks. There is something here for everyone!
I love eye-catching packaging and displays. This is done right because I was walking around in Sephora and saw this royal blue color out of my peripheral vision and I had to go over and look at it. Stand out in Sephora is pretty hard so, kudos! 
Here are a few Estée Edit items I've been fortunate enough to test out:
Ok, lets address the elephant in the room (lol). As a blogger, I should know better and keep my nails on point. I'm sorry guys, today you'll have to deal with the fact that I'm not perfect. 
The Flash Illuminator is really nice. As you can see above it gave my hand a very nice, subtle glow. I can't wait to slap some of this stuff on my shoulders at the beach this 4th of July weekend. Outside of that I don't know what else to say. I didn't gasp at its beauty, nor do I dislike it. Its just....nice. 
As you can see from the swatch on my hand, its not the blackest. I'm huge on a product doing the the package says its suppose to do. So, I was sad to see it wasn't "the blackest." I do however LOVE the applicator. You can create a thin or thick winged eyeliner ease! I wish it didn't wipe off so easily. This eyeliner is also nice. It was so close to being a winner.
First of all (view photo below), who is this supposed to bronze? Me? *insert side eye*
I'm going to take this time to speak for black bloggers everywhere who are tired of receiving skin items that we can't test. Mainly because we are rarely sent items in our shade. However, I will say that they tried. I can tell from the package they sent me, that they actually looked at my pictures and sent me what they thought would work. Thank you Estée Edit. To the brands that just send me white shades...........................moving on. 
This powder will not work for me, I need something a tad bit darker. However I can tell from the swatch above and its smooth texture that it will work for my clients who are a shade or two lighter than me. 
I'm impressed. The Estée Edit, even though the shades I received didn't work for me, others at Sephora would have. If you are a mom looking to introduce your daughter to makeup, start here! Definitely go and try these out for yourself. Get samples! I really think that the Flash Illuminator is going to give me (and those looking at me) LIFE when I wear it at the beach. 
Go get your Glow on! Until next time...
*All items mentioned were provided by The Estée Edit for review purposes. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own. Do not use without permission*
H E L L O  B E A U T I E S!

Yup, you've read correctly. I'm wearing a super cute, denim dress from my local Family Dollar. When I was given the task to create a head-to-toe 4th of July outfit using Family Dollar's Just Be clothing line, I was really excited. Why?!

Well, most bloggers you see are wearing the latest and greatest by Moschino, Balmain, Top Shop, Zara, etc. However the honest to God truth is, not everyone can afford these brands...including some of the bloggers sporting them. Everyone doesn't have it like that yet. I myself can admit to seeing something I absolutely LOVE on a blogger, clicking on their link to buy only to find its way out of my price range. For the everyday woman and mom it can be tough and it sucks to feel like you can't keep up with everyone. I'm here to tell you that, YOU DON'T HAVE TO! 

Dress: Family Dollar $15
Sunglass: $15
Necklace: Target $20

I grew up on a dollar store budget. My family didn't have much and many of you have seen me in dollar store/ thrifted items and ain't even know it. Its not about how much an item costs or the name associated with it. Its all about you! You give the cloths you are wearing LIFE. Trust me, I've seen some people in outfits that cost more than my rent and it still looks a hot damn mess. So, no matter where you are in life financially, please know there are options out there for you. No one is going to look at you and see a dress from the dollar store, they are going to look at you and say, "Wow, she's fabulous?" If I told you this dress was from the dollar store before reading this blog post would you believe me? Would you have guessed where I bought this dress from? You might've said Ross, Target, TJ MAXX, but Family Dollar? Nah. You would not have guessed it

         When I saw the dress on the hanger, I must admit I wasn't completely moved by it. But I put it on and it hugged my hips perfectly. Which leads me to my next point. TRY THINGS ON even if it doesn't LOOK like its going to fit you that way you'd like. You may be surprised...
The sunglasses and necklace are items I owned already went perfectly with this dress. I chose this dress because denim dresses are kind of in right now. Also it was the perfect length and the tie around the waste allowed me to show off that fact that I do indeed have a waistline. Its perfect for walking on the beach (which is what I'll be doing on the 4th), family BBQ's and what ever else you may have planned throughout your day. 
So if you're looking for something cute and affordable to wear this 4th of July weekend, stop by your local Family Dollar. You may be surprised at what you'll find. Sizes go up to 2 and 3x (mine is a 1x).

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July weekend!

Tell me what you think about this look below.
Until next time, 
@allthingsbee on IG!

            *Family Dollar items mentioned were provided by the company for review purposes.*

 H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !

So, the other day I went to Sephora to get one thing (HA! One thing. Yeah right.) and forgot what that was as soon as I walked into the store. I do know that that one thing was not this Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. But, when I walked by I saw this glow kit sitting all alone on the shelf. It was the last one. The sales rep let me know in that moment that she just put out a stack of them maybe 30 min prior and that they are all gone. Even though I wasn't planning on it, I had to get it. Right?! I mean, it was the last one. 

This is my first Anastasia glow product. I didn't get champagne pop when it came out. I was always too late. Also, my mua friends keep telling me that it doesn't look that great on women of color. So, I just let the idea go. Once I saw the release of the glow kits, I had to experience them for myself. After seeing how beautiful this is, I know I'll be getting the others. Check out a few swatches below:

These images are straight from my Canon t5i, no filter or edit. Just real life gorgeousness! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get a good swatch of this on my arm, or a good picture of the swatch on my arm. I did how ever use it on an editorial I shot the next day. He's a clip below. The glow on her cheeks is 1 & 2 mixed; Bronzed and Summer.

How gorgeous is my model? Peep that Anastasia GLOW. Additional makeup details are in the caption of the IG post. Are you following me on IG?

You see that glow?! Such a natural, subtle POP. Now that you've seen my swatches, and a quick clip of the glow in action what are your thoughts? Do you have any of the Anastasia Glow Kits? If so tell me which shades are your favorite so I can go get those as well.

Until Next time, 
H E Y  B E A U T I E S !

Today I'm coming with you my review/ first impression of the Luminous Air Legend System. It may come as a surprise to you that even though I'm a Professional Makeup Artist, I've never used an airbrush system of any kind. So when Luminous Air reached out to me, I had try it out for myself. I've been so curious for so long.

Airbrush makeup is known for many things:  
  • Quick/ Easy application (I'll be the judge of that)
  • Flawless finish with out the appearance of cakey makeup.
  • Helps eliminate cross contamination (more sanitary than brushes)
  • Compact size 
  • Great for covering unwanted scars/birthmarks, tattoos, etc.
Lets take a look at everything you'd receive along with your system: (see image below)

  • Legend Airbrush Compressor and Stylus
  • AC Adaptor
  • 1 Year Warranty (NICE)
  • 2  bottles Ultra foundation (Shades #7 and #9)
  • 1  bottle Blush
  • 1  Skin Brightening Glow
  • 1  Moisturizer/Primer
Luminous Air Foundation, Primer, Blush, Bronzer and Brightening Glow

F I R S T  I M P R E S S I O N -  ( P R O S ) 

I must say, this has completely changed the way I view airbrush makeup. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be super blotchy, itchy (not sure why I thought that), and extremely hard to use. It was the complete opposite. When you first open the box and take everything out, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I didn't know where to begin. However, in the box, you will also find a guide to help you get started and boy was it a life saver. 

Simple directions to follow

I also LOVED the bronzer! My dear LORD, I'm going to use this bronzer for everything. I would buy this system JUST to use the bronzer. Here's a quick swatch below: 

NOTE: PLEASE focus on the swatch of the bronzer on my finger tips. If you look at my face, it will scare you because (I didn't get to the cons yet to mention that) the foundation shades I received did not match my skin tone at ALL. I'll get to that in a minute. For now, we are talking about this bronzer and once again, it is LIFE!

I also loved the blush, but couldn't get a good picture of it on my face because again my foundation didn't match. Speaking of, let me just go a head and show you...

Not horrible, but If I had the right shade foundation, I would have loved it! Also, I did add some of the bronzer to the tip of my nose here. Its just subtle and pretty! 

Foundation Shade 7 was too red, and Shade 9 was too dark. I tried mixing them and it only made it worse. I'm sure if the foundations matched I would have had an over all positive review. 

Although the foundations didn't match, it applied very nicely and evenly. It has a matte finish, yet it left a nice glow. Interesting...

I also found that this system might be perfect for summer time! While applying the foundation, there's a cooling sensation to the skin. I usually get hot while I'm applying makeup during this time of year, but the airbrush system kept me cool making the application process that much better. I don't wear makeup in the summer much at all, but if I do, I will definitely be reaching for this system and most definitely the bronzer. 

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

The Luminous Air Legend Airbrush System may be for you if you are looking for a quick, light weight application. Its one tool, and would take up less space then your average kit. I'm not going to lie, its going to take some getting use to, like everything else you'd pick up. However, even though my application wasn't perfect, it also wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. 

You can purchase the Luminous Air Legend System for $249. If you use my Discount CODE: 437765915 you'll get 20% off your order! This will be a bit of an investment, so I would definitely take advantage of the discount code. 

I hope this post was informative. The more I use it, the better I'll get at it. I'll be sure to update you all if my review of this product has changed. 

Would you use an Air Brush system? Have you before? I would love to hear about your own experiences down below in the comments. 

Until next time, 
- Bee <3

*All products mentioned were provided by Luminous Air for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.*