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 H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !

So, the other day I went to Sephora to get one thing (HA! One thing. Yeah right.) and forgot what that was as soon as I walked into the store. I do know that that one thing was not this Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun Dipped. But, when I walked by I saw this glow kit sitting all alone on the shelf. It was the last one. The sales rep let me know in that moment that she just put out a stack of them maybe 30 min prior and that they are all gone. Even though I wasn't planning on it, I had to get it. Right?! I mean, it was the last one. 

This is my first Anastasia glow product. I didn't get champagne pop when it came out. I was always too late. Also, my mua friends keep telling me that it doesn't look that great on women of color. So, I just let the idea go. Once I saw the release of the glow kits, I had to experience them for myself. After seeing how beautiful this is, I know I'll be getting the others. Check out a few swatches below:

These images are straight from my Canon t5i, no filter or edit. Just real life gorgeousness! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get a good swatch of this on my arm, or a good picture of the swatch on my arm. I did how ever use it on an editorial I shot the next day. He's a clip below. The glow on her cheeks is 1 & 2 mixed; Bronzed and Summer.

How gorgeous is my model? Peep that Anastasia GLOW. Additional makeup details are in the caption of the IG post. Are you following me on IG?

You see that glow?! Such a natural, subtle POP. Now that you've seen my swatches, and a quick clip of the glow in action what are your thoughts? Do you have any of the Anastasia Glow Kits? If so tell me which shades are your favorite so I can go get those as well.

Until Next time, 
H E Y  B E A U T I E S !

Today I'm coming with you my review/ first impression of the Luminous Air Legend System. It may come as a surprise to you that even though I'm a Professional Makeup Artist, I've never used an airbrush system of any kind. So when Luminous Air reached out to me, I had try it out for myself. I've been so curious for so long.

Airbrush makeup is known for many things:  
  • Quick/ Easy application (I'll be the judge of that)
  • Flawless finish with out the appearance of cakey makeup.
  • Helps eliminate cross contamination (more sanitary than brushes)
  • Compact size 
  • Great for covering unwanted scars/birthmarks, tattoos, etc.
Lets take a look at everything you'd receive along with your system: (see image below)

  • Legend Airbrush Compressor and Stylus
  • AC Adaptor
  • 1 Year Warranty (NICE)
  • 2  bottles Ultra foundation (Shades #7 and #9)
  • 1  bottle Blush
  • 1  Skin Brightening Glow
  • 1  Moisturizer/Primer
Luminous Air Foundation, Primer, Blush, Bronzer and Brightening Glow

F I R S T  I M P R E S S I O N -  ( P R O S ) 

I must say, this has completely changed the way I view airbrush makeup. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be super blotchy, itchy (not sure why I thought that), and extremely hard to use. It was the complete opposite. When you first open the box and take everything out, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I didn't know where to begin. However, in the box, you will also find a guide to help you get started and boy was it a life saver. 

Simple directions to follow

I also LOVED the bronzer! My dear LORD, I'm going to use this bronzer for everything. I would buy this system JUST to use the bronzer. Here's a quick swatch below: 

NOTE: PLEASE focus on the swatch of the bronzer on my finger tips. If you look at my face, it will scare you because (I didn't get to the cons yet to mention that) the foundation shades I received did not match my skin tone at ALL. I'll get to that in a minute. For now, we are talking about this bronzer and once again, it is LIFE!

I also loved the blush, but couldn't get a good picture of it on my face because again my foundation didn't match. Speaking of, let me just go a head and show you...

Not horrible, but If I had the right shade foundation, I would have loved it! Also, I did add some of the bronzer to the tip of my nose here. Its just subtle and pretty! 

Foundation Shade 7 was too red, and Shade 9 was too dark. I tried mixing them and it only made it worse. I'm sure if the foundations matched I would have had an over all positive review. 

Although the foundations didn't match, it applied very nicely and evenly. It has a matte finish, yet it left a nice glow. Interesting...

I also found that this system might be perfect for summer time! While applying the foundation, there's a cooling sensation to the skin. I usually get hot while I'm applying makeup during this time of year, but the airbrush system kept me cool making the application process that much better. I don't wear makeup in the summer much at all, but if I do, I will definitely be reaching for this system and most definitely the bronzer. 

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

The Luminous Air Legend Airbrush System may be for you if you are looking for a quick, light weight application. Its one tool, and would take up less space then your average kit. I'm not going to lie, its going to take some getting use to, like everything else you'd pick up. However, even though my application wasn't perfect, it also wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. 

You can purchase the Luminous Air Legend System for $249. If you use my Discount CODE: 437765915 you'll get 20% off your order! This will be a bit of an investment, so I would definitely take advantage of the discount code. 

I hope this post was informative. The more I use it, the better I'll get at it. I'll be sure to update you all if my review of this product has changed. 

Would you use an Air Brush system? Have you before? I would love to hear about your own experiences down below in the comments. 

Until next time, 
- Bee <3

*All products mentioned were provided by Luminous Air for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.*
H E Y  B E A U T I E S ! 

I was standing in the middle of Best Buy last week when my husband handed me his phone and said, "look at this real quick." All I saw was "Beyonce" and " Section L Row 1" and flipped out. My dumb ass started jumping up and down and silent screaming in the middle of the store. I'm literally laughing while typing this. I know I looked so silly, but I could not contain my excitement. I've loved Beyoncé ever since my big sister bought me Destiny's Child first single on cassette tape back in the 90's, " You be saying no no no no no, when its really yes yes yes yes yes...". I've dreamt of this moment ever since I was a kid. Floor seats?! My husband scored major points with this and I wanted to take him home immediately if you know what I mean. HeHe #marriedlife

First off let me say, Bey came to SLAY and so did I! The goal for my outfit was to look super cute and be comfortable at the same time. Here's a quick pic of my outfit that I scored in Forever 21's plus size section the day before the concert...


I wore this cute crop-top with fringe detailing, distressed jeans and my "ok ladies now lets get into formation" hat all from forever 21 for about $50 total. My Jesus sandals are from Shoe Carnival ($27). I strongly suggest that you do NOT wear heels. You are going to be standing and walking a lot to get inside. Also, its nearly impossible to sit down at the concert when she's performing hit after hit. 

At the end of the concert my friend and I got a huge kick watching girls walk back to their car. Please, don't do it to yourself. Dress comfortably so you can enjoy the concert and not have to think about your feet. I know we want to look cute for Bey, but honestly, she can't see you or your Christian Louboutin's. Leave them at home....


Again this was my first major concert and had no clue. Listen to me. Bringing my (yet small) purse, caused pure hell. I'm not even going to go into detail. Please listen to me when I say leave your handbags at home. Only bring a wristlet and make sure its no bigger than your hand (LITERALLY NO bigger than your hand) or they will make you check your bag. You do NOT want that to happen.


Was fantastic. It was everything. I don't know what else to say because I don't want to spoil it for those who have yet to attend. Atlanta was her 3rd stop on the tour and she's far from finished. I will say that she did perform many songs from her latest album, "Lemonade." As well as songs from her past albums like "Me myself and I" and "Halo". The only songs that she did not perform that I was dying to see live was Love on Top, Resentment, and from her new album, 6 inch! That's my jam and I kept waiting for it to come on. It never did. However her performance to "Freedom" is amazing. Put your phones down and take it all in. I'm going to attach my snapchat story from the concert down below so you can get a feel for the concert if you care to see. Also, you can get an idea of how close I was to the stage. Make sure you check it out. Speaking of floor seats...

FLOOR SEATS | A Blessing and a Curse

I really wanted to write this for my people who could not afford or weren't lucky enough to score floor seats. Don't get me wrong, it was super cool to be so close to Beyoncé! I mean, look how close I was....

I mean, how amazing is this?! To be this close?! It was awesome and kinda worth all the drama. Yes, my floor seats came with a heavy dose of DRAMA. Maybe it was only like this in Atlanta because the Georgia Dome security/ floor workers were terrible. You could tell they didn't know what the hell they were doing. Also, this is HOTLanta and the workers were when T. I, Future, Ludacris, and Rick Ross came out with DJ Khaled they quit working and began enjoying the concert with the rest of us. (I was mad, but then I wasn't either. I probably would've got fired this night for having too much of a good time while on the clock).

What made my seats Amazing:

click image to enlarge
  • I was in Row 1 of section L (see image), meaning no one was in front of me blocking my view. I sat right next to the "cat walk" that led to the second stage. I felt like I had all access.
  • You get to see all the celebrities as they arrive. I spotted Grant Hill and Tamia, Monica, Kandi from RHOA, Rasheeda from Love and Hip Hop. As well as a few other people that I honestly didn't know who they were. 
  • MAMA TINA is gorgeous! What made my night was that Tina (Knowles) Lawson stood right in front of me and spoke to me. She was so kind and it was refreshing. However she seemed a little upset. Probably because the security on the floor was crap. She came out of what ever skybox she was sitting in down to the floor to get negros in line. THAT MADE MY ENTIRE NIGHT! No, I didn't ask for a picture because I'm a makeup artist. I'm over having pictures to prove who I'm around or who I've worked with. You have to make it apart of your job to not be star struck. I was happy that she said hello to me and that I got to witness her put people in their place. Yasssssss Momma Tina!
What made having floor seats AWEFUL:
  • There was way too much chaos on the floor. I'm a pretty chill person. Even though I love Bey, I'm no crazy fan. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of crazy people who could not contain themselves. I just wanted to enjoy the show but you have people around you crying, screaming and doing the most. This one girl had on a short dress with no underwear and was dancing uncontrollably. Blocking everyones view while mooning everyone at the same time. Eventually she was removed by security. I don't know where she went, but she did randomly disappear. 
  • When BeyoncĂ© came down the cat walk, people in rows and sections behind you run from their seats and push you out the way. Out of a section that YOU PAID FOR. I was like whoa, this is MY VIEW and you're in my space. It was so bad that I almost wanted to leave but Bey kept singing my jams.
  • A girl in the row behind us threw up. Everywhere. It was gross (none it got on me btw. Smh) From what? I don't know. Excitement, too much liquor, and just bring crazy are all possible reasons. Anyways people had to get up behind us and move for the workers to clean it up. This again, gave them a reason to push me out of my paid seat and I literally had to fight my way back to my seat. Because everyone was mixed up they had to confirm everyone seats over and over again. I had to keep my ticket in my hand and constantly prove that I was in my section/seat.
  • I felt like I missed the show. There was just too much going on between the horrible security, celebs arriving, crazy psycho fans, and having to constantly confirm my seat with security. At one point, I just kept my ticket out in my hand for the rest of the concert while I danced and sang. It was that bad. When I look at other peoples clips from the show I was like, "when did that happen!?" Like, there were whole parts I completely missed. That, I'm definitely sad about. 
I came to say all this because I wanted to be on the floor so bad, and even though I had an amazing time, I'm almost sure I would've had a better time in the bleachers. The clips of people higher up looked like they were having a ball while I was on the ground having a not so great time. I focused on the positive as much as possible. I wasn't about to let them ruin my first Bey concert!

If all you could afford was a seat up top, in the bleachers, then you've got the best seat in the house. The only way I would say that floor seats would be worth it, is if you were literally front row and center of the stage. Away from the isles. That way no one can push you out of your seat...

Also, I want to encourage you as hard as it may be to put your phones down. I did snap a lot and it seemed as though I was on my phone a lot, but I wasn't. When a song came on that I liked I would snapchat really quick and then put my phone back in my pocket. I just wanted to be there and not watch the concert through my phone. If I wanted to do that I would've told my husband to save his money and I would watch the concert through the hashtag. Speaking of, I did go look up clips on Instagram. There was this one clip of Beyonce squatting down literally singing to a fan and the girl never put down her phone. Beyonce was in here face and she never put her phone down to make eye contact! That blew my mind. I wanted to slap that phone out of her hand so bad. She missed an amazing opportunity to connect, even for a second with our generations "Michael/ Janet Jackson."

Again check out my snapchat story and I hope you have an amazing time attending the Formation Tour! Even though the floor was nothing but drama, I had a blast. Whenever she comes back to ATL I will be right there in the bleachers enjoying myself. Leave the floor seats to the crazy fans (unless you get front and center stage seats...get those!!!) 

S N A P C H A T  | @AllThingsBee  


Until next time,
<3 Bee

Hello Beauties!
Its been about a month I know! Don't shoot me. My son ( I don't know which one) spilled water on my Macbook and my fingers have been tied since. Working from my phone during that time has been a pain and I will never take having a working computer for granted again. My husband came home to day with a brand new macbook (he was tired of me complaining lol) AND he upgraded my Beyonce |Formation tour tickets to FLOOR TICKETS! This man almost took me out today, it was too much to take in. I'll definitely come back and share with you all my thoughts on the concert after I go on Sunday, May 1. Are you going?

Any-who, this post isn't about Beyoncé, its about spring makeup. I wanted to do something light and flirty. I couldn't really blog, but I could push my computer enough to put out one video. After that it died...completely. RIP.

Check out the tutorial below and let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, what kind of look do you all want to see for my summer makeup tutorial? Chime in if you'd like. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Thanks again for keeping up with ya girl.
- Bee

H E Y  B E A U T I E S!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tampax through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Tampax Pearl, all opinions are my own.

Spring break is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me, your bags are already packed and waiting by the door. Spring break also happens to be around my best friends birthday, and we are excited to get out of Atlanta for a few days to celebrate at the beach. Might I also add, kid free! 

Before any trip, you find yourself trying to figure out what to bring. When you lay everything out on the bed you ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" Well let me help save some time being indecisive. Outside of the bags you traveled with, when heading to the beach you want to travel as light as possible. Here are my must have items to make your trip to the beach/night out on the town stress free. 

G O - T O  B E A U T Y  I T E M S

My Go-to's: Cover Girl Pressed Powder, Bobby Brown Lip Balm, YSL Faux Cils Mascara, Ultra Matte ColourPop Lip in Solow

Ladies, I know that we want to be cute at all times, however wearing a full face to the beach!? Who does that? Keep it simple with a little powder, waterproof mascara and lipstick. That's all you need with a killer pair of sunglasses. Keeping your compact powder on hand comes in handy because it also has a mirror. This saves you the trip restroom to reapply your lipstick and fix your hair. 

T R A V E L  S I Z E  P E R F U M E/  S A M P L E S

Never thought of this, huh? Now is the best time to use those perfume samples you've collected, every time you purchased something at Macy's or Sephora. Many times, we find ourselves heading from the beach to the bar. After you take a quick shower at the beach, freshen up with perfume samples of your favorite scents. They fit perfectly in your cosmetic bag or wristlet and you won't get caught slipping.

B R E A T H  M I N T S

After you've finished your enchilada's, you may want to freshen your breath just in case the cute guy at the bar strikes up a conversation. I also prefer mints over gum because they dissolve in your mouth. Gum over a short period of time doesn't take very well. You then find yourself looking for a trash can to spit it out. Most people don't find a trash can, so to prevent your gum from ending up on the bottom of my shoe *insert angry emoji* just use breath mints. =)

P A I N  R E L I E V E R

Maybe it's just me, but when I'm out having an amazing time, nothing ruins my night more than that random headache that creeps up on you.


This is not something you should only carry on vacation, but at all times. Especially on a girls trip. Someone is always in need of a tampon. Although its been said that women syncing is an urban myth, it still happens. I've been using Tampax Pearl since my high school days and after all of these years they remain my go-to for that time of the month. They are super easy to use, and slip in and out of your bag without leaving the bulk of a maxi pad. 

H A N D  S A N I T I Z E R

Cell phones, door knobs, and sticky bar tables, Oh My! Keep hand sanitizer in your cosmetic bag/wristlet to combat the millions of germs that will be transferred onto your hands daily. No one wants to return home from an awesome vacation feeling sick. Be on the safe side and sanitize your hands often.

Go from the beach to the bar with everything you need to refresh in tote. Are there any items you would add or take away? Tell me below in the comments.

Until next time,

~ H E Y  B E A U T I E S ~

Today I'm excited to share with you some Make Up For Ever newness set to hit Sephora shelves some time in March 2016. Happy March by the way! I'm so excited because the Sun will be out sooner than we know. Who else is ready for Spring? Ok, back to MUFE.

MUFE is adding 3 new products to their existing Pro Sculpting line, and they've made it possible for me to show them to you. Lets start with...

3 - I N - 1  P R O  S C U L P T I N G  B R O W  P E N C I L - $2 7

Shades Pictured: 40 & 50

Ok, I must give MUFE some props for this 3-in-1 brow pencil. These days even the most minute detail will set you apart. Especially since many are switching to a beveled (pointed) brow tip. Mufe decided to take it a step forward by adding a soft sponge tip in the center of the pencil to highlight and arch your brow bone. (Pictured above)

2 - IN - 1  P R O  S C U L P T I N G  L I P - $2 7

MUFE Kept the duo theme going with this 2-in-1 Pro Sculpting Pencil. I love that the lip applicator is rounded, giving me or control over the product and like the sculpting brow pencil, it also has sponge applicator with a cream to powder highlighter. This can be used to accentuate your cupids bow, also to create an ombre lip. You will place the highlighter in the center of your lips first, then line and fill in the color to you lips just before the highlighter. Press your lips together to merge the two products together, giving you a gorgeous pout.  Here are a few swatches...

Shades Pictured: 11, 04, 10 & 05

P R O  S C U L P T I N G  F A C E  P A L E T T E - $4 5

Available in 4 Shades: Light 20, Medium 30, Tan 40 (pictured Top), Dark 50 (pictured Bottom)

" Pro Sculpting Palette Face Palette is an all-in-one tool that subtly accentuates definition in four simple steps." Shout out to the person who writes the description to cosmetic items. These four colors serve as 1. Highlight 2. Contour 3. Shimmer 4. Cheek/Blush. I love compact items like this that tackle so many things. You can slip this one item into your purse and be prepared for what ever your day throws at you. Leaving work and get asked on a last minutes dinner date? Take out this palette and refresh the contour, add shimmer + cheek color and you're good to go. They will never believe you just left a stress day at on the job.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this preview of MUFE's New Pro Sculpting collection. Keep an eye out at you local Sephora for them.  

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

*Items featured in this post were provided by Make Up For Ever. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*