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                  So, pink is my favorite color! If I could make everything pink I would, but I didn't want to scare people away so I only used it as an accent color on my blog. LOL. I also hate that pink is my favorite color because of the pink hats they put on baby girls in the hospital! Like they knew I liked that color. It just happened. Lol. Anyways I love a good pink lip! Here are my favorite shades!!!
1. Pink Pout- Revlon 2. Vintage Pink- Rimmel 3. Powderpuff Pink-Cover Girl


                   A lot of women are afraid to rock a nice pink lip! I wear pink not only because I love the color, but I feel I can't pull of a red lip. My lips are so big, so when I put red on it just makes them look 10x bigger to me. I will do a red lip one day and blog about it...but ways... I decided to pull a few pictures of women with different skin tones to better help you find the PERFECT PINK lip for YOU!

MY PERFECT PINK LIP (I'm wearing the third shade of my favorites)

{Also remember when you are doing a bold lip, to tone down the eyes with more natural tones of eyeshadow like these ladies did above!!!}Oh Here's a pic of my favorite glasses by Betsey Johnson can you guess why I like them??? lol

Love the little pink heart on the end :o)
AND!! LOL My nail happen to be Pink!!! The Color is "Guava" by Revlon

OK, I'm Pink'd out!!!!! Until Next time Beauties~

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  1. I am in LOVE with your blog Sweetz!

  2. I love this! Can't wait for more tips!!

  3. I have 2 out 3 of those lip sticks! The Pale pink Revlon I enjoy, but the other (the third shade) stains my lips!

    Another thing I have to worry about is that my lips are full and wide. So that means I have to "shape" my lips when I wear lip stick or I look like Ronald McDonald, lol.

  4. Oh yeah, the third one does stain lips. It doesn't bother me though. But I understand what you mean about having to share your lips. I have big lips too. This is why I have yet to pull off red lipstick. Lol

  5. Try the second one. It's vintage pink by rimmel.

  6. lol, yes red is tricky. I start with putting a base then concealer on my lips. I then line my lips with a natural looking brown. I fill in the corners of my mouth with the liner to create the "new shape". I apply the red to everywhere but the corners. I then apply a highlight to the center of my lips...usually a gold or orange. It sounds like a lot but the effect is pretty. I got it off of a posting by Iman a few years back.

    Hmm...never tried Rimmel. I'll have to check it out.

  7. Whats the shade name of the third one? I want to try a pink because I have tried to use red also and even though I like it, I dont know if its for me.


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