Where ya been GIRL???!!!

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                  Hey guys!!! I know I have been MIA and completely just dropped the bomb in updating my blog! When I tell you guys, I have been super busy.....I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY!!!! I started another business!!! YAY me, and that has consumed all of my time! I'm at a place now where I'm just finding a balance in all I'm doing. Its tough juggling my makeup company, my new company The Bee Hive (Handmade Accessories & Beauty Products), my son, my fiance', wedding planning! Whew! I'm getting tired just typing all of those things out. But with that said God is good and he is taking me places. Thank you to those who have supported me along the way! Whether you follow me on Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot, Twitter or purchased some earrings...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Here are some pics of my one of a kind, handmade earrings!!!


ALSO, This past weekend I had the please of kicking it with one of my favorite MUA's (Make-up Artist) and YouTuber Alexandra Butler on YouTube she's AlexandraBond!!! Check her out and SUBSCRIBE!!! She's the MUA for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she's working with the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Da Brat...etc! This girl is doing the damn thing! I must say I was a little intimidated at first cause I'm such a fan. LOL but she's mad cool!!! Not stuck up like some other well known makeup artists or youtube personalities I've come across. She gave me some great insite on my work, and some tips on the things I should be doing to get to where I want to be as a makeup artist. I really appreciated that!!!! Constructive Criticism!!! Not just pointing out my problems, but providing SOLUTIONS!!!! THANKS ALEX!!!! Here are some pics of our weekend. Oh and she's rocking my cheetah print bowtie earrings!!! We attended the Audacity Fashion Show. It was...interesting. I can't get this one model out my head. She was so beautiful! She had this dark, chocolat-ty skin..It was so beautiful...but yeah! That's what I've been been up to!!! I promise, I won't disappear for that long again! I'm back!!!! Love you all!


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