Meagan Good to Marry 7th Day Adventist Minister

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"Meagan's rep tells TMZ, 30-year-old Good recently got engaged to DeVon Franklin -- an exec at Sony Pictures Entertainment who leads a double life as a 7th Day Adventist preacher."- TMZ

The two praying together!!! I LOVE IT!!! God is good! 
                   GO MEAGAN GO!!! I am very happy for this lady. Unfortunately, I've seen other comments and posts that don't feel the same way. DeVon Franklin- a Seventh- Day Minister??? With Meagan Good??? People are saying that they are "unequally yoked" and that "Good" is a "hoe" and DeVon is wrong for being associated with her. To this I say, -________- Seriously people. Let me start by saying, I have been following Meagan Good for years! I think she's cool. A few years ago I read an interview she did with Essence Magazine. She talked about how difficult it is to be a christian in Hollywood. She claimed she tries her best to put God First! She also stated that she didn't like the fact that she was always being casted to play the hott chick or side chick, or loose chick. People wouldn't know it, but she stated that the roles we see her play are nothing compared to the things they try to get her to do. She turns down a lot of work for that reason. But some still question why she still plays compromising roles from time to time. I can't speak for that. I just choose not to judge and pray for the girl! I haven't seen her do anything like that Sex scene in "Monsters Ball" with Halle Berry!!! Now that was crazy! lol I don't know. All I have to say is I'm happy for her! I myself am Seventh Day Welcome to the fam...but most importantly Congrats Meagan on taking your relationship with Christ to another level. Not by marrying an SDA man, but seeing the interviews you done, and turning down work because its just too much. Though you may do roles that can be considered risky, I applaud your efforts to stay close to the most high! AND I am forever praying for your walk with Christ and your new HUBBY TO BE!!! GO MEAGAN GO!!! Yall STOP HATIN TOO..CAUSE THAT MAN IS FINE!!! LOL GO HEAD DEVON!

The pic to the right is a friend of mine who spotted a covered up Meagan Good at her Seventh Day Adventist church recently and quoted (From facebook post on the pic...) "No she's not adventist but she said she wanted to start observing the sabbath. She came with our speaker DaVon Franklin who is big in the movie business."
HERE SHE IS WITH DaVon as well!
                  I may check out his book! Sounds good!


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