NYX 3 Tier MUA Train Case!!!!

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Let me tell you guys how much I love this train case.................. I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS TRAIN CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a little pricey, but its perfect for me. I am a full time makeup artist and needed a lot of room for all of my makeup! Either way, if you love makeup or have a lot of it and carry it with you this is a great case.

Full shot

Here are the pics from the site...then I'll show you the ones I took.

Rack built in the middle tier

4 Organizers with velcro on the back to stick to the sides 

My favorite thing about this case is the storage at the bottom. I love how they provided me with 4 makeup organizers that can stick to the sides of the case. Providing room for me to place extra things in the middle!!! Here are the pics I took.

Love it.
So Much Space!!!!

The inside of the bottom!


If you have any questions about this case, comment below and I'll let you know! I really didn't know what else to write about it. The link to purchase is below, that's where u can find the exact measurements of this case. I highly recommend it for MUA's and MUA's in training!  Purchase this case here!!! http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/products/accessories/bags-and-cases/3-tier-stackable-makeup-artist-train-case

Love ya's!
Bee =)

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  1. Hi :) I purchased this case from Urban Outfitters for $140. However NYX offers the same price with their pro discount. Anyhow, I just got the bag yesterday and have t filled it up yet bc I was concerned about the sturdiness of it.

    I do full time bridal makeup. I currently use a Zuca case. Lately I've been getting annoyed by the lack of space clients give me. I find myself stacking the pouches but have come to the realization a case that I can work put of might be better.

    I feel that the latter on the case seemed flimsy. Did you feel that way too? I am so in love with the case that I'm hoping it's really not.

    I want to put my airbrush compresser along with all the supplies on the bottom tier. My current Zuca weights 40 lbs when loaded. Do you think the nyx case can handle that?

    When I reset this case, I'm going to work on consolidating. This is something I need to do every few months. Haha

    Email me if anything! heenadasmakeup@gmail.com

  2. I have one too Only htinkg I 'm not liking is its heavy to lift into the back seat of my car I used to have a train case that would fit in front of the passenger seat I do bridal in Detroit so far all over its a thumbs up from me thanks for posting Bee!

  3. It can get pretty heavy! Mine was heavy because I had all my makeup in it. Which is a lot. I don't mind storing it all in my case when I'm home. Before I got to a job, I just take out what I don't need. I really love it tho! And Henna! When its heavy, it holds well. My handle can be a little shaky, but its secure!!! Two thumbs up from me!

  4. Hey! Thank you for responding. I've been using my case for a few weeks now every weekend and I'm truly happy. It is extremely heavy when lifting it into my car but I can deal. I've had to go up and down stairs with it as well. I usually hold it from the bottom straps and it makes it a bit easier. I was recently put on the spot with no area to set up. I took out all the pouches and whatever I needed from the top tier. Put the top tier in the middle and the middle on top, and just like that, I made a working station!! And it's pretty high so I didn't have to bend constantly...I'm 5"7ish too!! One thing I have to get used to is putting the case back together. The middle tier gets heavy and the metal ends are a bit sharp. I worry about cutting myself!! I guess in time I will get used to being careful when lifting it.

  5. Thanks for this review. I stumbled across this bag on urban outfitters and instantly started looking for reviews. After seeing your post and reading some other reviews I know I have to get this.


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