Awful Plus Size Clothing Ads

By | 6/21/2012 3 comments
I just wanted to express how upset I was when I typed in online plus sized clothing stores on google! This is what popped up.


No matter how small or how big you are, there are better options out there than these. These cloths are lifeless, and shapeless. I know we are plus size, but that doesn't mean we have to hide like this. We have goods too! I love to show off my curves. I love my waist, shoulders and chest! Show it off! Don't let people think we can't be plus and sexy! 
To all my real-size women out there, I love you!!!!
Let's show them how to do it, just not like these photos above. LOL I'll do another post soon with plus size shops that are perfect for any size that are modern and flattering!

Love you all!

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  1. I think a most important part of a lady is her inside, pay no attention to the others!

  2. This is so how I felt when I was searching for Plus size clothing to sell!!! WTH! HA! All plus women are not over 40 and we don't wear MooMoo's! LMBO! Anywho, Found your Blog on FB today (a comment a friend of your's tagged you in) New Follower!!!

    E. Louise

  3. It's good too read your website again i see some interesting updates here goodf idia nice clothing staff.


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