Make-up Must Have: Prisim Palette

By | 6/23/2012 1 comment

This is one of my favorite palettes in my kit. Its affordable and the shadows are highly pigmented. People get so caught up on the name stamped on a product instead of the product itself. Though its from a low end brand, the quality surely does not match the price. Another thing I love about this palette is that it provides a variety of bright colors as well as a handful of highlight shadows to choose from. Something that lacks from other palettes like the 88 palette and the 160+ palettes. This palette is $19.95 and I highly recommend. It's a great first palette for someone just getting into makeup as well.

*NOTE* To new makeup junkies, a way to get familiar with your palettes go on youtube and search makeup tutorials based on the palette you own. For instance, if you have the prisim palette, I would search "Make up tutorials prism palette".

Below are photos of swatches taken by me upon the purchase of this palette. Let mek now if you have any questions!


Click the LINK below to Purchase!!!!
Prisim Palette $19.95

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