Dream On!

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Pictures taken this weekend from my instagram! Follow me @BeeWadeMUA

 This weekend I got the pleasure to work on a music video in Pensacola, Florida with an independent artist. As most of you know, I currently live in Alabama where there is absolutely nothing to do! So when I got called for the job, I was more than happy to take it, besides travel was taken care of, so why not? lol 

 We were scheduled to do two scenes. One during sun rise, and one during sunset. So I had a lot of in between time. Lord knows, being raised in Seattle that I love being near water! This was the little break that I needed. I stood in the water and just zoned out! From all my problems, from the list of things that needed to be done when I returned home, from everything. I took in that time to really appreciate Gods work! God's an artist, the ultimate creator. I felt so small standing there. At that moment, everything I've been dealing with seemed so small. I questioned why I cried about some things, and over some people. I have a problem with trying to make sense out of things, that just don't make sense. People will truly flip on you for no reason, and some people will love you, for no reason. Its amazing! 

There are people in my life right now who I've never done a thing for honestly, and they are just always here for me. To help, to guide, to counsel, and to cheer me on! There are also people who are not in my life, whom if you told me they a few years ago wouldn't be I'd laugh and say yeah right. I'm amazed at how things change over the years, how people change up on you. I have never had as many problems as I do now, not until I started living my dreams, not until I started succeeding. Thats another thing, success? How do you measure it? I am not making as much money as I would like, but I still believe I'm succeeding. In less than a year, I've made a name for myself and a brand that is growing effortlessly. That's all God. 

I'm saying all of this because, I'm trying to let my 
readers in more as far as getting to know me as a person, and what I go through as a Makeup Artist/person just trying to get through everyday life....on a strict budget. lol . And to say don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow has problems of its own. Live for today the best you can, because tomorrow is not promised. Of all the things I or we have to worry about, know that God's got it in control! That job you wanted so bad? God has something better! Don't have enough money to pay rent this month? You probably didn't have enough last month either, yet your still there! God's got it! That friend that keeps stabbing you in the back, talking about you? God is just revealing who they've been all along! These are all the things that were flowing through my mind as I stood there. People will will always talk about you, jobs are forever being lost, homes are always being taken, but at the end of the day, God is in control! Pay attention to whatever it is he wants you to learn so we don't have to go through the same thing over and over.

 Right now God is teaching me to trust him! Completely! At this point in my life, I have no other choice! Since I've let go, and let God doors have been flying open, jobs have been falling out the sky and Praise God my family and I are moving in a few weeks! That's another story. Nothing but God. I know this is a makeup blog, but I can't not talk about Him! I know a few of my readers are not believers. Just know I'm forcing nothing on you, just speaking my mind and what I know to be true! What God has for you is for you, & what he has for me...is for me! No hater......no person, nothing can stop it from reaching you!  Until Next time!

‎" We shall not grow weary of waiting upon GOD if we remember how long and how graciously he waited for us" #faithfullywaiting

"If people don't laugh at your dream, its not BIG enough!"
Dream On! 

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