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   I knew it was only a matter of time before these two ended up together. Kim has  always spoke highly of Kanye, he 's also made multiple references of his attraction to her on a few of his records.  So we know it's no secret that these two were fond of each other, and to me,  Kim and Kanye as  an item make sense. And I hated to say it! That I kinda like these two together. I use to be a huge Kanye' fan, but since his mother died, it seems he went a bit off the deep end for me. Kim, I don't really know much about kim other than  the fact that she's fly, her face stays beat, and she filmed a sex tape with R&B Singer, Ray J. No, I have not seen it, nor do I want to. LOL

Kim and Kanye' both have had a fair share of negative publicity. I try to keep in mind that we only see a fraction of what's really filmed on television, and that many things are made out to be something they're not.  Anyways. I hope this relationship lasts, and I hope Kim brings out the best in Kanye! We all want to see a lighter side of Kanye in the future, as opposed to the dark and depressed side we've seen of him over the past few years. Here are a few photos of the happy couple below. Even though as of recent, its been rumored that they haven't been getting along. But once again, don't believe everything you read.

They Look Cute!


KimYe' at a Basketball game.

This pic makes me laugh!!! Look at Beyonce's face!!! I imagine she's thinking this, ".....*itch, make eye contact wit my man one more time......."

Utoh! Jay Z is checkin Kim out! 

LOL, see that's how stuff gets started!
I'm just playing! But those pics are funny to me! 

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  1. Lol. I can see B saying that. I guess I kinda understand her being a little stand-offish. She doesn't know how long Kim may or may not be around, so why make her a part of their circle until she knows. I will say this, that is the first dress I have seen Beyonce in that I didnt like. Wonder if she had on white too and changed when she saw Kim. Its fun speculating.

    1. I hate that dress too! Thought I was the only one! When the awards were on everyone talked about how much they loved it. LOL I was like, what am I not seeing? LOL -__-


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