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Woo Hoo!
It's me on!

So a few weeks ago I attended an event called "Naturally Pretty" hosted by Natural Chica and Makeup Artist Mimi J. It was a great way to blend the natural hair community and beauty addicts together in which we could all learn from each other. Anyways I woke up to an email from on of my readers saying , "I saw your beautiful face on essence this morning. " Of course I hopped out of bed and grabbed my MacBook with the quickness! Photos (by Tora Jones) were taken of just about every natural haired fashionista in the room. Note: to the hater who tried to belittle my appearance on Essence I say; even though I myself was not featured, though this was not my event, seeing my face on motivated me to do all the things I've been afraid of. In the hopes of one day being featured for my own event or story. I just wanted to share. I thought it was cool and reminded me to keep chasing my dreams. Never give up and one day, just maybe I'll find myself or my work gracing the cover of Essence! Dream big folks!!! 


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