Chrisette Michele's New Look and Life as Vegan!

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Chrisette Michele disappeared for a while, but now as she prepares for her return she has completely rebranded herself. A long with her fresh look, she's picked up a new fresh life style. She became vegan! HelloBeautiful asked why the change and this was her response.

"I took some time off to travel and cleanse. I became vegan over that time of introspection and decided to be un-afraid to show my true self with my art. I've decided to style myself from now on, and express my ideas and points of view the way I choose. Paris reminded me that it's ok to wear my "art" on my sleeve. I call this new sense of self, of being, of creativity "Rich Hipster". I'm rich in heart and rich in art."

-Chrisette Michele

I like her new look, I'm more interested to see how or if "Rich Hipster," her new sense of self, has changed the sound of her music. I'm always down for a new sound, but I don't want her message to change. He love songs are timeless, her music empowering, and her spirit is sweet. Kinda like how Rihanna was in the beginning. Now she's "Badgirl" and Beyonce' is Sasha Fierce.  I hope she doesn't take it that far. I'll remain optimistic! Looking forward to some new music and I do love the look! Here are more photos of a happier, healthier Chrisette.


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