Bey Day! Superbowl Half-time performance! Who's Excited?

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Today's the Day of the Beyonce' concert at the Superbowl! (lol)

   Ever since Beyonce' announced that she'd be doing the half time show, Beyonce' fans and stans everywhere went crazy with excitement. Of course because she's Beyonce' and for the possibility of a Destiny's Child reunion! The rumors of the Beyonce', Kelly, and Michelle getting together for this occasion have not been confirmed, but everyone will be watching and waiting for them to make an appearance. Everyone, including myself, would love them together again.

My husband is counting down for kick off only a few short hours away, and I'm counting down for Bey's concert during half time.

  Unlike her performance at the inauguration, which she admitted at her press conference with CNN that she did not sing live due to lack of rehearsal time with the band, Beyonce will be singing LIVE. Either way, we all know this woman can sing and dance like no other and not sound winded what so ever. Be sure to leave your thoughts on her performance in the comments below! I don't have a team I'm going for. I was rooting for the Falcon's but umm...yeah. So now I'm just tuning in                                                           for the concert.  Until next time,                       

Leave your thought on the performance below!
(here's a video of her rehearsal along with some photos)

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  1. Def loved the halftime show! Beyonce is a great performer. LOVED it!!!! So glad to see her back!


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