Labor Hair: Getting ready for baby Simon to arrive!

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Hey EVERYONE! Miss me? lol

All my mommies! I had to braid this head up! You know what time it is!

I have been super busy, as always, with family, makeup, and preparing for the arrival of my baby boy Simon! Yup, I'm name droppin! Right now I'm 36 weeks, a few days shy of being 37weeks. Meaning FULL TERM! Right now little man is weighing about 7 pounds. I have a feeling he's going to be a big boy like my first Noah, who came to be almost 9lbs! And yes, I pushed all that out with the help of an Epi! My new best friend who I'll be seeing again this time around lol. Those of you who do it natural, *gives dap* You're amazing! Hell, even though I've used medicine, I'm still amazing too! Labor is tough stuff! I just had to say that. There are women out there who will say things to make you feel less than for using meds. Do what's best for you!


I decided to get my hair braided from now until the baby is born. When having a child you want to eliminate as much as you can when it comes to things you worry about before he/she arrives. Precook food for a week or two and freeze it so that when your ready to eat all you have to do is warm it up. That's another example. You're new baby (and other kids of you have them) will keep you very busy. You don't want to have to worry about the little stuff. If I still had my locs, I don't think I would care. I would just let them grow without re-twisting. Now that I'm loose natural and I can't do that, it will surely turn into one big nap! Anyways! I'll keep you all posted! I have 4 weeks (or less) to go until Simon arrives. I can wait to see how he and my son Noah interact! I'm very excited...and nervous! Keep us in prayer!

<3 Bee

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  1. Love the braids! I'm about to get them after I get my trim!! And I love the name btw!!!


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