3K GIVEAWAY! $30 Sephora Gift Card

By | 6/03/2013 9 comments


I PROMISED that when I reached 3,000 instagram followers I would do a giveaway! I promised that at 2,000...but ummm....I totally forgot and I got to 3k really fast! With that said I'm super thankful for your support! And when ever I can do a giveaway, I will! The gifts are from ME and not sponsored! Its not much, but WHO WANTS A $30 SEPHORA GIFT CARD? You? YOU? you? well enter to win below! Believe me, If I was Beyonce' I'd give all 3,000 of you one!

Thanks for the support once again! 


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  1. You have 275 followers but I have no idea what specific number in the list I am. I go by: smurfette in GFC.

    1. You're number 275! lol You're just the next number up from the last number you saw before subbing. You're also the only person who's entered correctly by joining my site. At this rate, you'll win. LOL! ;) Thank you!

    2. LOL, wouldn't that be great!

  2. im already a follower so idk what # I am lol

  3. On my wish list:) Old user of sephora discount codes

  4. I'm also already a follower. I think I'm like #20 or something... 278


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