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OK, so...my last post was a few weeks before I gave birth to Simon talking about "labor hair." Well he's here now!!! Meet Simon Nathaniel! (and if you are following me on instagram, you already have :)

Here he is-->

He's the best! Even though he likes to wake up every night at 3am! lol. He's breaking out of that now though. He's two Months old!
I'm still unsure of the color of his eyes. Sometimes they look hazel, other times like in this pic, they are grey. My grandmothers eyes are grey! I'm the only one in my immediate family who does not have hazel eyes. #randomfact #igotcheated lol

Anywho! God has been totally blessing me and my business! I've booked countless weddings in my local area, and others outside of my area. I have been featured on essence.com 4 times total! Two times for my hair, two times for my makeup artistry! Which I'm very excited about, and forever will be! 

 Lookie Here--> 

In the future I'm looking forward to my first magazine feature, not only on my work, but ME! a FULL PAGE! I've been secretly building a cosmetic line with a business partner/friend for the past year or so and that will lauch soon. And other things I'm not premitted to tell anyone yet but OH I'll be shouting from the mountains when I get the "OK" to. lol

   In the future I'll be doing WAY more makeup reviews and product swatches! I'm going to start with all the lipsticks I have so you all can see how they look on WOC. I have lots of other things up my sleeve as well! I juuuust hit 3,000 followers on instagram, so that means Giveaway time!!!! Sorry I've been away so long. But I've been super busy with my job and adjusting to my new life as a mother of 2. VERY time consuming! And when I do have down time, I just want to sleep. BUT finally, I've adjusted and I can find the energy to blog more! Stay tuned for my weight loss journey as well! Thanks for being so supportive! A lip stick review will be up on Tuesday! 

Bee <3

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