The Makeup Show NYC 2013!!!

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The Makeup Show 2013!!!

So beauties, I am so mad at myself! I attended the makeup show maybe about 2 months ago and I totally forgot to share my trip/pics with you all!
*Forgive Me*

For the past 7 years, The Makeup Show has brought Beauty Professionals and Fashion industries together. It is the ultimate shopping and network event/convention, providing a place for the public to meet the their favorite bloggers, makeup artist and shop their favorite beauty brands with discounts as much as 40% off. 

When I saw my friend/ celeb mua Alexandra Butler was going along with some other mua's I've been wanting to meet; also to meet some of you I had to find a way to attend. Luckily, a spot opened up to stay with Alex which made it a lot easier for me to go. 

This year the makeup show was hosted at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) in NYC.  This venue was huge and beautiful with its all white interior. If you've attended The Makeup Show before, you'll know that when you first walk in, and see ALL the makeup booths its completely overwhelming! I think when I walked in side I stood in the same spot for like 3 minutes looking left to right. 

The main company's I wanted to see and purchase from were: OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) mainly for lip tars, Crown Brush, Bdellium Tools, and Inglot. I have pro cards for all the other major brands, so I wanted to focus more on the ones that don't have pro memberships or who's memberships don't offer much of a discount. Check out the pics below of my trip. Sorry no video, I completely forgot and the pictures I did take were on my way out. It was a battle in there guys! Girls you grabbing, snatching and running for the register...Things were selling out fast. So if you plan on attending next year....go as early as you can to make sure you get what you need before it sells out.

Enjoy the pics!

<3 Bee Wade

A few Cosmetic Companies in Attendance! 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

(discount 40%)

OCC Nail Polish colors were beautiful!


(discount 40%)


(discount 30%)

 Crown Brush

(discount 40%)

 Make Up For Ever 

(discount offered 40%)
MUFE was packed the entire time!


Expensive Brushes... LOL

No discount
I do NOT remember the name of this beautiful brush line. Mainly because I briskly walked away when I saw each brush was about $95. I ran fo my life! (Hilarious)
These brushes were too beautiful. This picture do them no justice!


(discount 30%)

Inglot eyeshadows!
30% off


Body Painting!

Bloggers/Vloggers/ MUA's in Attendance

Queen of Blending!

(excuse my hair. Was fighting over a lip tar. lol jk..kind of)

Beauty by Lee! 



had to include the homie

What I purchased...

Somehow this is the only photo I can find of the things I purchased. I could go take a picture but now they are all used and in my so they don't look as new. Anyway I bought a palette from inglot, 2 liptars in Hoochie and Digitalis, a blush from Kevin Aucoin and a 5 lipsticks from Auraline Beauty! Total I think I spent maybe a little over $100. I would have got more if the things I wanted were not sold out. So once again I say, if you plan on attending next year go early!

The rest of the pics were taken before and after The Makeup Show!

Exploring NYC!

Myself and fellow MUA's: Alexandra Butler, Sonya Sims, Tara Lowery, and Militant!

My self with the SherryBlossom! 

My New Friend Kenyetta! Girl is Hilarious. 

Looking for breakfast!

themuaalex getting pointing in the wrong direction. LOL
She was a great tour guide!

It was tight on the subway. I don't know how you NY'ers do it.

Foot wear for the entire trip! Boot Gangin' it!

Steve Madden!


The Most Beautiful/Glamorous MAC store I've ever step foot in!


The First Standing ELF store to my knowlege!

ELF Cosmetics


Posing..getting ready to go out..I ended up staying home.



The NYC Crew!

Me at the end of the trip! I WAS BEYOND TIRED! Can you tell. That trip had me beat! But I had an amazing time and met some great people! The crew I went with are talking about doing it again and I can't wait!

Go if you can guys and visit to attend the one closest to you!


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