My Top 3 Shea Body Butters Ever!

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Hello Beauties!

Ok, so, I have tried a lot of Shea products! I love Shea butter, and the many uses of it, but I nor my husband are fans of it's natural smell. Just being honest. So out of the many I've tried, here are my top 3! I chose these based on texture, moisture, and scent!  Also they are in no particular order. I love them all!

Coconut Mango Whipped Shea Butter by Naturel Lyfe Essentials

My buddy Alexandra Butler put me on to this product/company at her 2013 Makeup Class in New York. They were inside of the swag bags that all of her attendees received. Before even applying it to the palm of my hands the scent hit me. My Lord!

The one I have is in Coconut Mango and I promise you will want to eat it. Not only did it smell great, but it left my skin feeling ultra smooth! Great moisture and not too oily! To me it is truly perfect! 10 out of 10! I still only have the sample size and I'm holding on to it for deal life until I get some more!

Purchase Coconut Mango Whipped Shea Butter Here!

Next up...

Body Accents Pomegranate & Orange Organic Shea Body Butter by Clo-vee!

I met Bernadette of Clo-vee products at the ILOVEMYFRO presents "WERK!" Event in New York city just a few weeks ago! Let me tell you, this Shea butter smells like Vacation! Warm, sweet, tropical! Its not whipped, which does not bother me and the moisture it provides is AMAZING! I literally feel like I have new skin when wearing this! This also is a 10 out of 10! And I love Clo-vee's packaging! Very nice! 

Purchase Body Accents Pomegranate & Orange Organic Shea Body Butter Here!

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Camille Rose Lemon Meringue Body Butter ! 

Camille Rose Naturals Lemon Meringue Whipped Body Butter has reserved a special place in my heart and in my NEW Top 3 Body Butters I've ever tried! Yup! They one up'd one I have on the list.

Camille Rose Naturals is one main sponsors for Kontrol Magazine's Fashion Week, which kicked off last night at the Suite Lounge, downtown Atlanta, GA. Though I was unable to attend, my husband was there and scored me a swag bag. How sweet, right?!  I reached inside and instantly became excited and yelled, "Ooooh! A BODY BUTTER!" My husband stared at me with those big eyes that frequently question my sanity. (Lol) The scent smells EXACTLY like Lemon Meringue which I found pleasantly surprising. Mainly because, now these days people will say their product smells like mango and there is no hint of mango from the top to the bottom of the jar....and I'm left...longing for the mango scent I paid for. Not this one...It means what it says.

You can purchase CRN Lemon Meringue Whipped Body Butter at Target and WholeFoods!

Ok, those are my favorites! Be sure to support Small Black owned businesses! These ladies make their products with love, and you can tell in the quality! Try them and let me know how they work for you! I believe some offer samples!

Until next time...

<3 Bee


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