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Hello Beauties!

I just wanted to come and just talk to you guys, ramble a bit if you don't mind. Hehe!

I hope this helps and blesses you in some way!

Dreamers... we have a thousand ideas, people think we are unorganized, they think we don't want to work a "real" job, and that we live in the clouds. They couldn't be more wrong. We are the most organized and we work harder. Getting and working a 9-5 is easy. Becoming your own boss takes more than that! You never clock out, you never get a day off, & hardly sleep! We work with everything we have to make our dreams come true!

So, I have been asked a lot lately about my journey in Makeup and blogging, here ya go!
This isn't a success story, its an "I'm on my way" story!

...a little bit about me.

Growing up I've always been out spoken, and a doer! It was very hard for my mother or anyone else in fact to silence me, or keep me put. I was never afraid to make myself heard, seen or understood. I loved taking risks and I was never afraid of chance. When my mind is made up about something, I move on it. I have always been this way. It can be a great thing, but also a NOT so great thing. This means if I make the wrong decision, I'm heading towards it, head first, at 100 miles an hour. So when I decided to do makeup I ran with it even though at the time I didn't know a thing! LOL whew I'm crazy. lol 

...on my decision to become a Makeup Artist.

My decision to begin doing makeup was not because I loved it. As a matter of fact, I didn't wear makeup much at all (just eyeliner and lip gloss) when it became a friend of mine. Also, at the time my heart was very much in Music (I sing and play guitar). The decision came about when my husband lost his job a few weeks before my first son Noah was born. A few months prior he purchased a camera, and expressed interest in photography. It was only a hobby then, but when finding work seemed becomingly impossible, he decided to turn it into a business. That's when MediaLifted was born! A few short weeks later, in the hospital, after just giving birth to Noah I received some interesting news.  I was calling my job to retrieve some information about my medical insurance, then questioned when I was expected to return to work. That's when I was notified that I had been let go. My mouth dropped! My husband and I looked at each other, both with the "what are we going to do now" expression on our faces. There we were, still in the hospital with a new baby, and no jobs. Lets fast forward...

One day my husband was in need of a makeup artist (During this time we are living off savings). It only made sense for me to do it. We didn't have the money to pay for one, nor did we know how to find one, as this was a new world for us both. So I, with my one brush and the only makeup palette I owned, the 88 Shimmer palette by Coastal Scents, I figured I'd give it a shot. Not because I was interested, but as a way to bring money in. It only made sense, right? Outside of the little I had, I used the makeup she had with her to complete her face. She loved it so much, she cried! The makeup artist in me now screams because I know so much now, but I knew just enough back then to make someone cry, to ignite the flame. At that moment I knew, THIS is what I'm going to do. Not want to do, think I should do,  but GOING to do. I was going through a tough time in life with our new baby, and job loss. Doing makeup got me through it. I wasn't in love with the artistry per say, but I was in love and became addicted to making people feel good at a time when I was not. Then my love for makeup and the artistry grew!

Here is a sample of my husband and I's work! He, on photography and myself on makeup! We work together very well and it transfers well on camera! Check him out!

...on booking Porsha Stewart.

During this time in my journey I began attending events like a mad woman. Some I was invited to, others I found a way in. One day I was online and I saw that Porsha Stewart was hosting a launch party for a nail polish line. This event was open the public. I found out about it last minute so I figured I would drop by, try to get her a business card and leave. When I arrived at the event, Porsha wasn't there so I kicked back and passed out business cards. Long story short, I couldn't get to Porsha (lol). She was in and out in like 10 minutes.  I ended up having a conversation with this guy, not realizing we never properly introduced ourselves we carried on laughing and talking about the event. Eventually it came out that he was the Editor in Chief of Urban Lux Magazine. I then (jokingly) brushed myself off, properly introduced myself and handed him a business card. A few day's later I saw a comment notification on one of my instagram pics from UrbanLuxMag staying, "did you receive my email?" When I tell you I ran to my computer, RAN ok!!! The subject line said "Porsha Stewart/ Urban Lux Photoshoot!" I bugged out! Moral of the story is get out there, attend events, always have business cards, you never know who you are taking to, and you never know who they know! There I was, working on my first magazine shoot, with my first celebrity! Two of the goals I made for myself in 2013, DONE!

...a few things you need to understand when following your dreams.

For a while, YOU are going to be the only one investing in your dream. YOU are going to be the only one who believes in your dream! People WILL think you are crazy! Do not be discouraged when people don't see what you see and try to hit you with the "what if's" and "maybe you shouldn'ts".... Don't focus on them! Don't try and make them believers, it will happen on its own. Say you do blow up, still, don't expect praise from everyone. Some people simply don't want to see you succeed or it just hurts them a little bit inside when you do (lol). We all have haters, and they will multiply throughout your journey. No matter who I book or how many times I'm seen on Essence, I have not been able to gain the respect of some of my loved ones and in-laws. They think I play in makeup all day, they don't see this as work. You too will have these people in your life. You must continue to believe in yourself and move forward with your plans any how!

* Like I said above you are going to be the only one who believes and invests in your business/dream. Its said that it takes up to 3-5 years to become profitable. I'm 2 years in, so I have I am hoping to double what I'm making now with in the next year or two. Things don't always go this way though! Its not guaranteed you'll be broke for a long time, its also not guaranteed that you'll take off right away. Following your dream means you need to be ready for anything, and quick to think on your feet for those random moments.

Learn everything you can about the field you're going into! For me its Makeup and Blogging! I'm constantly searching for new ways to market myself and my blog. Attending events help a great deal. Always being seen on the scene will have people looking for you and inviting you to their next event! I keep up with makeup trends by reading Vogue and other high fashion magazines. What ever you are into, dive in! Learn all you can!

You're going to need an EIN number and a business license! Become familiar with your states rules and regulations/business requirements in your field. I could go on about this one part all day! But I simply can not. My brain will explode and I'm not good explaining these things! Take to the internet, please and learn how to set up your business from a legal stand point.

NETWORK,  NETWORK, NETWORK! Like I said above. Attend events that are open to the public! If you have a following and would like to attend an exclusive event, put together an email with links to your sites and examples of your work (media kit)! Request a media pass telling them you will cover and write about their evert or product. You never know who you're talking to or who they know. Even if  only 2 people there, you never know who they represent. Put your best foot forward always. ultimate dream(s)

My dream is to become a red carpet makeup artist! Or, do you watch project runway? I want to be apart of the L'oreal Paris team glam'ing the models on set! Also, I recently had the opportunity to visit Essence Magazines headquarters in NYC with Nicole Marie Melton, beauty editor. After my visit, and seeing what she does, I would absolutely LOVE her job! lol I have no idea where to begin to even have the chance for a position like that. But I plan on asking.... Any of these things would be a dream come true for me. (totally rambling here)

...the struggle  

Like I shared with you all above, my husband and I lost our jobs back in 2011. This forced us to come up with way to bring money in on our own. Last November we were finally getting a good flow of work in, enough for us to get back on our feet! Then, the unthinkable happened. My husband became very ill. We had to stop working and refund thousands of dollars to clients who's contracts we could no longer fulfill. I eventually ended up having to move my family to Connecticut where he was recently treated and diagnosed! I almost lost him to what we now know to be, Guillain-Barre' Syndrome, BUT GOD!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because in between losing our jobs, our car, our home, and almost losing my husband I have unspeakable joy! Its been rough, but my smile is very real! Looking at my blog, instagram, or anything else you would have never known all this is going on behind the scenes. I don't look like someone who lost almost everything I owned.  I continued to work through the these events while pregnant, and managing a 2 year old.  Let nothing get in your way! I have my days where I am sad or exhausted and I take a moment to be that! But I don't stay there! I have my moment, I pull myself together, and get back to being a wife, a mom, a makeup artist, and blogger! I'm sharing this because I want you to know the road is NOT going to be easy! This applies to anything and anyone! Whether its your dream to become a makeup artist or a Lawyer! You will want to give up, but you know what? You won't. If you really want it that is. I hope this inspires someone to make that step! To stop worrying about what others will think, to start living for you! This isn't a success story, its an "I'm on my way" story! Get up, get moving! Don't know where to start? I understand! But you have to start anywhere! It's better than spending months pondering! Dreamers...they think we live in the clouds! Naw! We are very much in tune with reality, slaving to make things happen. Over the course of two years my husband and I are both published! He was published by the USA Today, for his work with Anthony Hamilton and myself with Porsha Stewart, also in a number of boutiques and look books. Its been and still is a difficult journey, but we have done more than we ever imagined! I'm looking forward to even greater things and opportunities! GO GET YOURS! 

Also, for those who have been following me know that I recently had a job interview in Atlanta! I have to wait until the 26th to know if I got the job! This job would help my family a great deal! I will let you guys know, when I know! Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Looking forward to being back in the AAAAA!

Be encouraged!

<3 Bee 

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  1. soooo incredibly proud of you two! my goodness. this is amazing. i'm still stuck on the fact that you found out you were let go while giving birth! man!!! what a journey! rooting for you guys! praying for healing and restoration and continued success! God bless you guys!

    1. Thank you so much Danielle! Its been a journey, but I am excited about the powerful testimony God is writing over my life. Continue to keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours!

  2. Thank you! This was very insightful, and raw. May God bless you and continue to lead you on your path to greatness!

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for reading!

  3. You continue to inspire me! It been a pleasure to watch you grow as an artist. God is amazing! Stay blessed :)

    1. Thanks so much Tora! You are the first photographer I have ever worked with outside of my husband! Thank you for that opportunity and seeing something in me!

  4. Bee I have loved and adored you from the moment I met you a few years ago. Your smile was warm genuine and affectionate and your spirit was beautiful as well. I know that you really and truly are representative of your company's slogan because it is your beauty within that outshines your beauty on the outside and that's saying a lot because you are gorgeous on the outside. I am so sorry that you and hubby have been going through...BUT GOD! You are still here and so is that handsome and sweet man of yours and you both have a testimony "on the other side of through." I know that God will provide not only your needs but the desires of your heart. Love and blessings and thanks for sharing. It is hard to be transparent sometimes. It's much easier to just hold onto your stuff so as to not have to worry about what someone else thinks...just another example of how awesome you are. ;-)

    1. Awe! Such a compliment. I am no perfect person! I try to make myself as relatable as possible. I'm glad this post is being received well as I was afraid to publish it. I'm glad I did. Its not hard for me to be transparent actually, what's hard is people telling me that being transparent is not ok. But, each day I'm learning to be unapologetic for who I am. And if I feel like sharing certain bits and pieces of me that others would not, I will. Thanks for the well wishes, and for taking the time to read it! AND Thank you for creating PINK SUGAR! There is a God! HaLLeLUUUU!

  5. I came across this blog entry MINUTES after prayer and asking God what do I do. I have a dream, but never the things that I believe I need to be successful, or even begin, right now. Reading this has encouraged me to tears! This is truly a blessing, and motivation to stop second guessing everything. I'm not working and cant really finance anything, but still I need to get going!! I trust that God will make a way for me to do what he has gifted me to do. Thank you for sharing!! I pray for your continued success!!!

    1. I'm so happy to hear that! Don't be afraid! Go after it! Remain positive. When you get knocked down, need a minute to cry and be that! Just don't live there too long! Give it to God and keep pushing! You will get there!

  6. Replies
    1. I'm sure we could swap stories! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Grateful that you wrote this post! Also glad that I stumbled upon it. I believe nothing happen by chance. I was meant to read this today. Thank you, Bee❤️


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