My M.A.C Interview Experience + All you need to know for Your OWN!

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Hello Beauties!

I wanted to come and give you all the run down about my MAC Cosmetics interview. On what I experienced, questions you must be prepared to answer, and what to expect during the makeup application interview; in the hopes of helping you all who are considering applying, who have applied, and those who are prepping for their interview as we speak.

In the beginning of August, I was searching for work in Atlanta as I am looking to relocate (I'm currently in Connecticut.) I searched MAC Cosmetics on and found that they were looking for Full-Time, Part Time and Freelance Artists in the Atlanta area. To apply it said to simply submit your resume, so that's what I did. A few weeks later I received an email invitation to MAC's job fair in ATL on Sept. 4th and 5th (if you were invited to participate in the makeup application interview) ! I was super excited! This wasn't the first time I've submitted my resume to Mac online, and heard nothing. So to get a reply I was elated. I asked my husband if he thought I should fly in to interview on such late notice. He asked if I wanted the job, I said Yes! So he said Go for it! lol My husband is so supportive with anything I want to do. So blessed. 

So I purchased my ticket to leave Sept 3rd to the 6th just in case I was invited back for the makeup portion (which I knew I would be. Not cocky...but confident. You have to be for this job too!)

Here I am on my way to ATL on Sept 3rd! :) 

Peep the MAC Zuca bag! I already work for the company, and they O E N Know it. LOL

As soon I got in town & settled in, I had a few hours to get some final studying in before I hit the bed for the interview that next morning! 


 the next day...

Ok, its the morning of the interview and I am getting ready to apply my makeup, thats when I realized....I forgot my makeup brushes. I instantly began to panic because If I was invited back for the makeup application interview, I would need a brush set of my own, ALSO I was afraid of looking crazy for my verbal interview. So I calmed myself down and reminded myself that hey, I'm a professional. I'll just gangsta beat my face with my fingers. No one will know but me. So the face you see below was done with my hands. 

Interviews said to begin around 10am. I arrived at the "W" Hotel Midtown Atlanta around 9:30am.

When arrived there was about maybe 15-20 people sitting in the waiting room. Outside the room there was about 5 out filling out their physical application. (Pictured left) So arrive a little earlier to fill that out! 

After I filled out my paper I went and joined the others in the waiting room. Interviews began a little late. At around 10:45 what seemed like 15-20 MAC interviewers came in and began calling names! By this time the waiting room and lobby was PACKED with MAC girl wanna be's. I was glad they called names like that other wise we would have been there ALL DAY! So my name was called! I forgot to get rid of my gum so I swallowed it immediately and said PRESENT and made my way to the back with my interviewer, Roger. Roger who just happened to be the the Director of ALL MAC counters and standing stores in the Atlanta Area. I was like great, I would be the one to get caught the the head honcho. I could tell he was up there in the company by his attitude lol! With that said here are questions I was asked and here is what you should prepare to answer yourself! I'll make it easy for you and provide answers as well. Memorize them.

Also if you have a portfolio, bring it this day. He did love and appreciate the fact that I brought that with me. It does not have to be professional! They just want to see something! Its better than nothing. So swallow your pride and print those cell images. 

Questions you must know the answers to:

Q: What year was Mac Founded and by whom was it founded by? 

       A. MAC was founded in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo (in Ontario, Canada).

Q: What MAC Programs are you aware of?

       A. MAC PRO Membership, MAC Aids Fund, Kids Helping Kids, Back to MAC, and ViVa GLAM!
(between all of these there is far too much info. Hit the web and become familiar with them all just in case you are quiz'd on them all like me.)

Q: Why do you want to work for MAC?

       A. I can not answer this for you. This question seems simple, but really sit back and think about why you want to work for MAC. There is no right or wrong answers, just BETTER answers and you want your Answer to be unforgettable. I did not use the fact that I flew in as my reason, but when I later revealed that during my interview, he was I feel, impressed by that. 

Q: What year was MAC bought out by Estee' Lauder?

      A. A portion in 1996 and completely in 1998!

So here are the main things I found myself spewing out during my interview. Take to the internet and learn all you can about MAC before your interview! They may not ask you any of this, but they may ask you all of this and more. Be prepared. If they don't, do not be mad you studied. Its information you MUST know for the job anyway and if you don't care, don't apply.

of course I was invited to the makeup interview. :)

The Makeup Application Interview! 

Makeup of the day
the video above is just me showing you how I wore my makeup to the interview. Again, applied with my fingers!

Ok so I'll give you a quick review of what you can expect. Just know its always different depending on where you are and the manager. This is what I experienced!

I arrived with my model and of course they switched my her with someone else's. So be prepared for that. Usually, I was told they make you do a day look and mid way into your time limit of 30min for a complete look, they make you turn it into a night look. For my group, they had the model think of something they focus on. It could be anything. Some chose a smokey eye, others a bold lip. My new model wanted to focus on highlight underneath the eye and color correction. Also, overall she wanted a very light natural look. 

I could go on forever about this post to let me try and wrap it up! 

Helpful things to know about the Makeup Application Interview:

  • Be prepared to work with another model other than the one you took with you.
  • Make sure you arrive with clean brushes and a clean brush belt. If they spot either they will call you front of everyone. 
  • You will be timed 30 minutes to complete your look! This includes the time you take to pull product
  • The first two things you should do is sanitize your hands in front of the model, then hand them the mirror sitting on the table!!! (IMPORTANT!)
  • They provide a limited supply of makeup and time of 30min to complete a look on purpose. They want to see how you improvise and how you work under pressure. So try and stay calm. It will be hectic, politely push through girls to get what you need. lol A few things I needed were just gone. In the words of Tim Gun, Make it work!
  • Don't grab a whole bunch of stuff just for the heck of it. They will make note of that. Know what you are grabbing and why.
  • Do not place dirty brushes back in the brush belt after used. Place dirty brushes on napkin. 
  • Make sure everything is placed on a napkin. Nothing you use should be directly on the table. Its unsanitary.
  • Talk to your model the ENTIRE TIME! Explain everything you are doing. Have her look in the mirror while you apply the makeup. If she looks away, re direct her back to the mirror. 
  • Make sure you don't only talk makeup with your client, ask her about her day...anything. Just keep talkin'.
I don't know what else to add. Hope this was helpful. At the end of my makeup interview my model was pleased with her completed look. Her only wish was that I added eyeliner. Eyeliner that I could not find and was gone -_- LOL! My interviewer asked me how I felt I did and I said pretty good. He told me I could clean up my station and go. He did the same for everyone else. I have to wait until Sept 26th to know if I got the job! I will keep you all posted! Wish me luck and of course you guys will be the FIRST to know, when I do! 

Are you interviewing? Have you already? What was your experience? Are you nervous? Let me know below, also if you have any questions I did not answer!

<3 Bee

        WANT TO KNOW IF I GOT THE JOB? ----> 

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  2. what did you do about not having our brushes?

  3. Thank you for this incredibly detailed and helpful post about interviewing with MAC! I am going to their job fair tomorrow and this will be my first time trying to get a job at MAC.

  4. Hi BEE!
    i am so excited as I learned today, i passed my second interview that I had to share it here with you because your post was the MOST helpful of everything i read.

    My email says that my resume will be passed on should an opportunity open up. I am so eager to start. I wanted to know how long it could take before you hear a response? and what if a manager doesnt find you suitable for their store, how long do you stay on record? and also, until I find a position, what happens? Does MAC offer trainings? do they have training on weekends?
    sorry i have a lot of questions :P

    Thank you for your help :D


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