My M.A.C Interview Experience part II: THE VERDICT

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Hello Beauties!

Guess what? I got the job!!!!!!!!

I'm officially a M.A.C Freelance Artist!

First off, if you have not read about my MAC interview experience and are prepping for your own click here--->  My M.A.C Interview Experience

 To pick up where we left off, at the end of my makeup application we were informed that if we did not hear anything from MAC by the 26th of September then we did not get the job and to reapply. So the 26th came and I heard NOTHING. I was so confused. I did so well on my interview and refused to believe I didn't get the job. That's when I contacted a girl I met at my day 1 interview to see if she heard anything. That's when she let me know they she was not selected! I was bummed because her work was good! I asked, " How do you know, did they call you?!" Thats when she told me she had received and email a few days prior saying she had not been selected. I RANNNN to check my email...well I didn't run but I picked up my phone so fast I ended up throwing it across the room trying to check it. LOL. Any way. I hit you up telling her I didn't get an email from them. She told me maybe that means I got it and to be patient. sigh. I don't know what to think because once again I was told if the 26th past and I heard nothing then to assume you didn't get it. Long story short they called me on Monday September 30th. lol Talk about CP time. When my phone rang and I saw that 678 area code I just knew it was MAC calling! I answered...sounding soo excited all I could hear over the sound of my heart racing was blah blah blah MAC Cosmetics Blah Blah Blah. LOL I said yes to everything and see ya at orientation! I'm so happy! I will let you guys know of course when I start working and will update you on what its like being a MAC girl. No one ever starts at a permanent position so I'm ok being freelance. I hope to be permanent soon however. I'll keep you posted! ALL MY NEW MAC GIRLS & BOYS who were just hired or are waiting on that call back comment below!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

           I'm a REAL Mac Girl now...... :)
until next time....
<3 Bee

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  1. Congratulations! Have you started working?

  2. AWWWW congrats!!! so happy for you! I have a preliminary phone interview today for MAC. Wish me luck!

  3. Congratulations! I recently came across your page when I was looking up another topic and again now researching MAC interviews. I have a feeling I'll be back quite frequently. Thank you for the informative post! I have a phone interview on Monday and am super nervous as my mind always goes blank when I get nervous!

  4. So so happy for you! It's such a fantastic company to work for. I've been with MAC for a total of 6 years. I actually started as a permanent artist, worked for 2 years then had a baby so I went to freelance. Now I'm interviewing again to go back to permanent...that's why I found your blog....I was searching interview questions. I'm still nervous even though I've been permanent before. There's always new stuff to learn. Well good luck going permanent sometime in the future and if I can give you one piece of advice , it's to keep your positive and upbeat personality at the forefront of who you are. When there is negative talk or back biting about anybody, walk away. Managers hate drama because they are so busy with all the work they have going on all the people they're managing that they hate drama too so if they see that you dont want any part of it, they will like that about you and want you on their team as a permanent artist. Keep that spunk going honey and you will be a permanent artist soon.....and then the REAL fun begins!

  5. Hi BEE!
    i am so excited as I learned today, i passed my second interview that I had to share it here with you because your post was the MOST helpful of everything i read.

    My email says that my resume will be passed on should an opportunity open up. I am so eager to start. I wanted to know how long it could take before you hear a response? and what if a manager doesnt find you suitable for their store, how long do you stay on record? and also, until I find a position, what happens? Does MAC offer trainings? do they have training on weekends?
    sorry i have a lot of questions :P

    Thank you for your help :D

  6. I loved reading about your experience! my next step is too work for MAC and this helped! congrats :)

  7. I have my phone interview in about 25 minutes and I'm SO nervous!! Iinterviewed for a makeup artist position about 4 years ago and didn't get it, and then last year I interviewed with them for the position of manager. I'm a good makeup artist but they chose someone with more experience in actual managing. SO I decided to apply to the new manager (there are only two stores in my country and the one I'm after is the main one. The manager at the other store has flat out ignored me. I live in a very small island where everyone knows everyone...long story). The new manager first replied to my application saying they had no openings but as I hear it someone quit and I got a call on Monday asking if I could do an interview. Thirdd times a charm!! I plan to KILL it! Thank you so much for all this informaation, girl!


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