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Hello Beauties!

I just wanted to come and share with you all (as I will do from time to time when discovering new people and talent) some of my favorite instagram profiles. These Artists, bloggers, & vloggers all inspire me in one way or another. First one up....

Mel. C, (Clarmeli86) is the designer and artist behind When I discovered this account I was truly in awe of this girls talent! Before I go into what I love about them so much, let me show you a few clutches. That. SHE. made. by. HAND! 





You guys saw the pictures right?! What more do I need to say! I love her style, choice of pattern and her understanding of color. Majority of her pieces are hand painted, and that to me is completely amazing! Art + Fashion= and I wish you the most success!!!

I have to add that I have NOT purchased or held one of these bags myself (YET), so I can not comment on the exact size, texture and true quality of this product. The only thing I would be worried about is the gold chain. I think I would want a thicker one for better support. However, based on what I've seen, I will be supporting her in the near future. They look great, and she offers something new to the handbag/clutch community. As well as, I'm all about supporting small black owned business. 

Check her out and be sure to follow and support! 

HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT YOU'D LIKE ME TO CHECK OUT OR FEATURE?! Leave that information in the comment box below. 
Until Next time...

<3 Bee


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