Happy New Year + My 2013 Recap!

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Hello Beauties!

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      HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I've come to ramble a bit. lol I hope you all had a blast last night for me. I was shut in all night. My babies, Noah (2) and Simon (9m) as well as my husband Mike (28) lol, were all sick and running high fevers. They all slept for the most part yesterday, so I planned to wake them up around midnight. Tell me why I spent all day turnt up by myself, dancing in the living room and sippin' on Martinelli's only to fall asleep minutes before midnight. Out of nowhere my Husband screams, "Happy New Year!" I jumped up so mad!!! lol Anyway...

I'm so excited for 2014 for many reasons. Every time a new year comes around I find myself saying, "This past year had to be the most difficult year of my life," and its always true. As we grow, change, get married, have kids we gather a whole new set of challenges, but that also comes with a whole new set of joy. This year I became a mother to another little boy. I was so afraid of having two kids, let me tell you. Especially two boys! Also, towards the end of my pregnancy my husband suddenly became extremely ill. Later on being diagnosed with a syndrome that almost took his life. I spoke about this a bit in my blog post For The Dreamers  if you want to check it out. With that said I've been through some things in this life, unfathomable things. But the thought of almost losing my husband, and the fact that it was almost so,  was and probably/will be the scariest thing ever that's happened to me. Never have I lost, or almost lost someone so close to me. With that said, I'm so happy to leave those worries, troubles and fears in 2013, and stepping into 2014 with my hunny! Even though this year was scary, 2013 is also where some of my highest highs, and Major accomplishments lye. 

Out of my many goals this year I've managed to hit my top 3! 
  • Book a Celebrity - DONE
  • Be Published - DONE
  • Get Featured on or in Essence Magazine - DONE not only once, but 7 times I was featured and had an article published on essence.com
These were my top 3 goals! And when I came up with them entering into 2013 I laughed at how crazy I was for even going after these things. On top of all my essence features, I was able to meet with the beauty editor this year in New York, in Essence Magazine's headquarters. That visit sparked something in me. Over sometime I began to ask God, "Lord, what am I doing? What do you want me to do or be?" I've been doing makeup for two years now, blogging, and I recently began corresponding. With that said, I was wearing one too many hats. I asked God to help me narrow it down. I kept reflecting on my trip to essence and said, "God I know what I want to be now! I still want to do makeup of course, but I would love to become a beauty editor for a magazine in the hopes to making it to essence someday. Show me where to go and what to do to make that happen." Long story short, about a month later I became Beauty Editor over at Kontrol Magazine. Plus I recently got hired at MAC Cosmetics. So I'm doing both the things I wanted to do in the way I asked God to do it. I shared this amazing news with you all on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you saw it. I'm saying all this to say that life is hard. Some harder than others, trust me. But GOD always provides. He hears you, there is not one tear you cry that is not accounted for! Trust God with your life, over your plans, over your heart and you will receive all that it desires! Believe me. There is so much I could tell you, and maybe one day I will! Just about where God has brought me from. Abusive past, broken family, to having a loving family of my own and now Beauty Editor of a magazine! God can do it for you. If you don't believe in God, ok. Not trying to force nothing on you. So whatever you believe in, or if you don't believe in anything...REMAIN positive! Do good, and good will come back to you! Anywho... I'm rambling. Walk with PROMISE in 2014. Anything you want you can have! With hard work and dedication! Go for it yall! You all have followed my journey and seen amazing things happen. Now its time to walk in your own. Tell me, if you could do whatever you want, and money was not an issue what would it be!? What's your life's long dream?! Hit the comment box below.

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