Personalizing Your Beauty Space: DIY Vanity Pink Chair

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Hello Beauties!

Recently my husband provided me with a little corner with a desk to do my makeup and record youtube videos. He somehow forgot that I needed a chair (Lol). So, I took to the internet and google'd "Pink Vanity Chair" because I love pink and HEY! why not?! The ones I liked were like $300 and that just wasn't happening right now so that's when I figured I'd make my own. That's when I came across Saved by Love Creations post Curbside Chair Makeover and knew this was something I could do. View how and what I used to create this chair below!

all items except fabric was purchased at Home Depot!
  • Thrifted Chair $4.04
  • 1 yard of Fabric of your choice $10
  • Sand Paper $2.74
  • Paint Brush (two shown, only used 1) $2
  • Handy Paint Cup $2.97
  • Paint (1 quart includes Primer and Finish mixed in with the paint) $15
  • Staple Gun (borrowed from a friend)
  • gloves (optional)

Total Investment: $36.75! That's a lot better than $300 so I'm happy, and so is my husband! LOL 

...step 1 

Sand The Chair

Sand down the chair to remove any ruff edges and minor bumps! Don't sand too much, as you want thin out the top coat too much. Once the surface is smooth, take a damp lint-less cloth and wipe the chair down, removing any dust left behind.

Here's how it looks before and after:

...step 2

Time to Paint!

Because the paint I purchased has a primer and finish mixed in with the paint, I could go straight to painting. Otherwise, I would have had to prime the chair first, wait for it to dry and then paint. I applied 2 coats of BEHR ULTRA Satin Finish in Fuchsia Kiss! LOVE IT! I let it sit outside to dry over night. 

Before and After: 

...step 3

Reupholster Seat Cushion

Print Purchased at Joann's Fabrics!

Because the chair is so old, it was easy to pull the old fabric off the the cushion. Once removed, place your fabric down, print towards the floor, place cushion down hard side up. Then, using your staple gun, staple the front and back of the chair first, then do the sides. Be sure to pull the fabric as tight as you can on the opposite side before stapling. You may need help with this part...

...step 4 

Screw cushion back onto your now dry Chair and You are DONE!

This is pretty self explanatory.  Once you've done this, your chair is ALLLLL DONE! I must say I enjoyed making this. Haven't gotten my hands dirty in a while. To be honest I like the chair before and after. But this will go better with my vanity desk (not pictured) that I'll be getting soon. I'm looking forward to having a little space of my own away from my kids or husband. He'll also be happy that my makeup will no longer be taking up the counter space. If this inspires you to go out and make your own, please email me your transformations so I can share them!

Until next time...
<3 Bee

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  1. This is so cute! I need to do this as well! Such a great save!

  2. Awesome Fredetta! Be sure to email the photos of your complete project so I can share them. :) <3 Bee

  3. It looks great Bee! So glad you were inspired by my chair. Thanks for the shout out. xoxo

  4. Thanks for the inspiration Johnnie! :)


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