MAJOR Sigma & Sedona Lace Brush Set Dupe! Only $16!

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Hello Beauties!

After being attacked on Instagram for posting a picture of these brushes claiming I only purchased the set for $16, here I am to provide you a link to where I got them. I was holding out until my second set arrived to GIVEAWAY, but since y'all wanna threat somebody, say bye bye to that giveaway! *Wink* lol! Ok, I won't say threat, but some of y'all were... lets say, a little too excited! And I'll still be giving it away, just not today! Sometime next week I will be giving it away, amongst many other things for my blogs 100,000K giveaway! 

Any who, I asked you guys to guess which American Brand sells these brushes combined for over $100. If you guessed Sedona Lace or Sigma you are correct! They both, and many others are selling these brushes for crazy prices. Here is the same brush set I purchased from china for $16, check the prices: OUCH! more

Here are the links to these brushes so you don't think I made this up. New Authentic Sigma Kabuki Kit 5 Brushes & Sigma Beauty Precision Kit!

Believe you me, this is the same exact brush set. See pictures below...


I know what you're wondering....QUALITY?

The quality of these brushes are amazing! These ARE sigma brushes, just with a different name slapped on them. Don't just take my word for it. Go ahead and purchase them and see for yourself! $16 or $150? Yeah..ok...Link to purchase is below. :) Happy Shopping!

Purchase this Brush Set HERE! and share this post with your friends! or HERE if the previous link is sold out! 

Sharing is caring! Copying is wrong...

Don't believe this is real? Here is Proof with Pictures many of my followers on IG posted after ordering  & receiving these brushes! Real deal people and AMAZING QUALITY! Be sure to follow me on Instagram! @ALLTHINGSBEE! I'm also giving a set away in the next few days so stay tuned to my 
sites so you don't miss the giveaway! 

Until next time...
<3 Bee

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  1. thanks for sharing! i always wanted these but didn't go for it because of the price.

  2. ������LOVE IT������


  4. I almost bought a brush from MAC today until I remembered this posting! I placed my order and am anxiously waiting! Thank you!

  5. Aaaaaamazing thank you!!!! Eagerly awaiting my purchase!

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    Emma Louise | Clutter and Coffee


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