Essence Magazine for the WIN w/ Spring Issues! Erykah, Solange and Ledisi Embrace their Natural Beauty!

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Hello Beauties!

Happy Wednesday! I had to come and show you guys (if you haven't seem them already) Essence Magazine's April issues! Three beautiful, vibrant covers featuring the fashionable Solange, the voice Ledisi, and the SOUL Erykah Badu! I will track down and get all three. I've been a major fan of Essence Magazine since I was a little girl, and when they do things like this, it reminds me why I continue to fall in love with the publication. I've never felt so inspired! I've never recieved so much LIFE! lol From the Graphic design of the covers, to the pink lips I'm head over heels in love! They are on the stands NOW so head out and pick them, yes all three...pick them up! After you read these ladies thoughts on embracing their natural beauty, read my answer to the same question below.

SOLANGE for Essence Magazine
cover 1/3 more

ERYKAH BADU for Essence Mag!

LEDISI for Essence Mag!

After seeing the covers, and reading the quotes tell me: How are you learning to love your natural beauty? What do you love about you? 

For me becoming a mother is when I found my beauty! I learned so much about my body and how I saw myself! I never felt more beautiful, and I still do stretch marks and all! My children gave me the courage to do things I would have never done before! I wouldn't be a make up artist, or a blogger! My eyes would have forever been closed to my full potential without them in my life! Because of them, I can finally see me!  Because of them...I am the woman you see. The woman that chases dreams and doesn't take no for an answer! How about you? Hit the comments!

Until Next time, 
<3 Bee


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