BigLots Beauty Corner: This weeks finds include China Glaze, Wet n Wild, L'OREAL...and More!

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Hello Beauties!

You guys know I love BigLots! Its my go to store when I want to treat myself to some nail polish/ beauty goodies. The prices are unbeatable and its the only store I go to and spluge with out my husband every having anything to say! I say that's a win ladies. I got to BigLots to #beautyfinddive (new hastag alert!) that I decided to create its own tab under Beauty/Discount tab. Its called "BigLots Beauty Corner!" 

Use the hashtag #beautyfinddiving on instagram/facebook and twitter when you find crazy deals on makeup! Give us the scoop! 

Here are the items I picked up a few days ago. Also Let me say that I spent less than $20 on everything listed below. Including green basket, loofa, hand sanitizer and a few fruit pouches for my kids (not pictured) for $.33 each!

China Glaze Nail Polish! $1-$1.95e

Colors R ro L: Orange Creme, Sugar Rush, Cotton Candy, Fusion Neon and Unicorn! 

China Glaze nail polish ranges in price depending on where you are shopping. Searching on like, the average price seem to be around $6-$7. So BigLots is definitely delivering the deal here!

Wet n Wild Become an Eye-con Kit! 

Who doesn't LOVE wet n wild's lipsticks or eyeshadows?

Wet n Wild carry some of my favorite drug store lipsticks and eyeshadows. They are so pigmented, the price doesn't make sense...which is why we all love them. So when I saw this set with 2 eyeshadow kits (12 shadows and two lip pencils. Which is supposed to be a brow and eyeliner, but I'm not complaining) for $3.50 I couldn't leave it behind. The discount sticker may look like an 8, but trust  me,  its a 3. lol

ELF Eyeshadow Brushes

People like to give ELF a hard time because they are a cheaper brand, but don't dismiss them. I was just making a mental note that I needed more eyeshadow brushes before heading to biglots, and Boom! ELF Eyeshadow brushes were there for $.95 cents! These brushes are normally $1 so I saved $0.15. May not be much to you, but I like my change. 

L'ORÉAL Colour Riche Balm

This color "Come by My Windows," was to pretty to pass up. I haven't had the pleasure of trying this item yet, so I'll be sure to let you all know. Come to think of it, I don't have much L'ORÉAL at all. So this item will surely set the tone on whether I'd dive in and purchase more from their line. 

That's everything! Also, don't forget I also purchased the lime green storage bin for my makeup on my bathroom counter! Its driving the hubs crazy lol. I believe it was $2 but I can't find my receipt. :( Luckily I have no plans to return anything. 

Be sure to head over to you local BigLots and let me know what you find! Be sure to tag @bigslots and let them know where you got the scoop!

Until Next time...
<3 Bee


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