My First Tattoo Experience: Birthday Edition

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Hello Beauties!

On my Birthday (June 18th) that just past, I had plans of doing absolutely nothing from the comfort of my bed and I was ok with that. My husband tells me to get up and get dressed not knowing where the heck he was taking me. So yeah, you guessed by now! This man bought me to a tattoo shop.

I found it funny because I kinda let go of the idea of getting a tattoo a while ago. I would talk about it knowing it was never going to happen for whatever reason... but it did. People that I've shared this with laughed at me because I'm so late in the game. My other siblings including the younger ones have been tatted for quite sometime. (none of this is important lol moving on...)

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little worried about the pain. I've heard so many horror stories. I also went in thinking, "I've birthed 2 children, 1 naturally. This will be nothing!" Which turned out to be true. It felt like little bee stings. Nothing major. Once again, I birthed children and that alone makes me feel like I can conquer anything.

The tattoo I've wanted for a while now happens to be very popular. You can probably find it on just about any music lover, singer or musician. Its a treble clef, bass clef heart tat. Pics below:

The Finished Product:

My Husband giving me the "eye." (Lol)

I don't see more tattoo's in my future. It wasn't that bad, nor did I find it to be addictive like most say. Over all, it was a fun day and a first tat experience.

Until Next Time....

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  1. I too am a "virgin" when it comes to tats. I say every year I'm gonna get one. This year for my bday may be it. #Virgo. Looks cute!


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