My Secret to Perfect Skin! Me & The Girls Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

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Hello Beauties!

I don't know what took me so long to review this product. Its not that I didn't want to share it with you all, I was just so busing LOVING it that I totally forgot. It wasn't until I ran out that I literally wanted to break down in tears, and tell you guys about it. 

Excuse my beat up picture of this product. I used the hell out of it. *Two Thumbs UP*

Last year on my visit to Essence Magazine headquarters in New York City, I was sent home with a tote bag full of products. Out of everything I received, this is by far my favorite! Also, is probably my favorite beauty product all around. 

Me and The Girls Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

Me & The Girls Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar serves at a 3 in one product.  This twist up tube bar serves as a daily moisturizer, face wash, and makeup remover! The first time I used this this product I will never forgot it, my skin never felt or looked so smooth and even. I had (now have) dry patches really bad around my nose and mouth that it cleared up completely. This is an organic/vegan product so I'm sure many of my friends will love this! (I'm SDA so most my friends are vegan and only use vegan based products)

This product is perfect for all skin types, its use as a makeup remove alone is all the reason you need to give this a try. No more nasty disposable wipes! This product takes all my makeup, even MASCARA off in one swipe! After I remove my makeup, I apply the Beleza Bar to my face a second time, place a hot/warm towel over my face for about a minute and then take off. Leaving me with "baby bottom" soft skin.

I can not rave about this product enough. I'm not being paid for a review, nor did they give me this product. So, I'm just thankful to have been given this gem! I'm even more thankful because I have to tell you, the price is a little up there. It cost $42 plus shipping. I didn't think to look it up until I ran out, and I have to admit it hurt a little bit to see. I didn't have it right then to replace it, and my husband was looking at me sideways for wanting to spend $50 on a moisturizer, but he just doesn't understand! Now that my dry patches are back now, he see's how much it helped me!  So, i'll be replacing it soon. Even with excessive use it lasted me a little over a year and when you look at it that way $42 is a great deal! 

As you can see I used it down to the brim (and below) By the time I'm done with this, you will see absolutely no product. Like it was never there lol. 

So if you are looking for a new moisturizer, face wash, or makeup remover do give this product a chance. I promise you will love it. It says its great for oily skin as well. I don't have oily skin, so I can't give you a review from that prospective. Feel free to get one and write one of your own!  

Purchase HERE!

Until Next time...
<3 Bee


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