Shea Moisture Video Shoot, My First Speaking Engagement, Before and Afters, Hospital Visit & MORE! Where have I been all week?!?

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Hello Beauties!

I know I kind of fell of the face of the earth last week, so I wanted to come and tell you all what I've been up to during that time. I'm really trying to do better about posting everyday, multiple times a day but happens. 

I always try to let people know that First, I am a make up artist. I mainly blog when I have time, but lately you all have shown my site so much love that I decided to put more love and effort into it. Just as much as I do my clients. In a way, you all are my clients as well. I want to give you all the same service I give them. Quality & Consistency! That's why I wanted to come and apologize for dipping out on you all once I got a good swing going. I blogged everyday for like 2 weeks...and that's almost never happened. Bare with me as I am learning to be a better blogger. 

What an AMAZING week I had! First....

My week kicked off with a full day of shooting for 4cHairChick's "Every Day Beauty Campaign," Sponsored by, Shea Moisture. The first video premieres Aug 1st, which is in just a few days so I won't spoil anything. I'm very excited/blessed that I was asked to be apart. 

Then, of course my beautiful clients that I had throughout the week. Here two clients who didn't mind me sharing their pictures.

My Natural Bride:

and my soon to be bride! Had to glam her for her engagement photos.

I must say, these looks are gorgeous!

in the middle of the week my 3 year old wasn't acting like himself and had an extremely high fever. I took him to the ER to find out he had a really bad virus and was extremely contagious. I returned home to find that my 1 year old had already caught it from him as well. So I spent the next few days aiding my boys! I needed them to return to their normal selves. No one likes to see their babies sick...its awful. 

The Highlight of my week!

Last week I was asked to speak on a panel called, "Ministry in the Industry," for a young adult youth conference. I was so nervous, yet excited to be apart of this. You guys know I love the Lord, and that my journey as a makeup artist hasn't been easy. I loved being able to shine some light on the youth. Inspiring them to go after their dreams and to push through no matter how many people tell them they "can't" or that they are not good enough. The point was it won't be easy, but its possible. Also, sometimes as believers you're find yourself on a set where you are the only light in the room. Never dim you light! 

It was a divine meeting to come in contact with these individuals I shared the panel with. The more they shared about their journey in the entertainment industry, the more I began to sink into my chair. They've worked with Tyler Perry, Stevie Wonder, and so many others! Then there was little ole me. I'm just thankful that God saw fit that I accompany such talented individuals. 

Here is my Instagram post and quote from the night: 

Feeling completely humbled to stand amongst these beautiful people. Aleshia Jackson (@aleshiasc) Film Director (Walking Dead, Tyler Perry Studios) Ryan Kilgore (@ryankilgoremusic) STEVIE WONDERS SAX Player for the past 8 years, lil ole me, then Natalie Ragins (@nragins1) Tyler Perry's Music Director! I think I remember seeing you at the end of the stage play DVDs! Anyway, tonight was amazing! Thankful to have been asked to join them on the Ministry in the Industry panel. Even though I was sitting next to you, I felt like you were speaking to me. I came home feeling so full and inspired. Thank you all so much and I pray our paths cross again in the future. #Godisamazing

Out side of taking clients, like I normally do (of course), this was one crazy week. I just wanted to come and share with you all what I've been up to. I was in a really good flow blogging everyday...and happened. I plan on blogging a head to be prepared next time. Anyway, just know I haven't forgotten about you and more content, swatches, reviews, youtube tutorials (YUP!) are coming soon. 


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