Bronner Brother's International Hair Show! Kim Kimble, Porsha Williams, Johnny Wright and More!!!

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Hello Beauties!

I'm here to give you a recap of Day 2 of the Bronner Brother's International Hair Show! Unfortunately, I missed ALL of day 1. I had clients that day, but by the last one I had a little time to hurry over to catch the tail end of the day. However I ended up in some really bad traffic, then I got a traffic ticket. So I figured at that point I should probably go home (lol). 

Who are the Bronner Brother's? Click here to learn more!

Day 2 of the show I arrived around 2pm. The first thing I did was hit up the #FORDUP booth and snapped a few photos and entered to win a 2015 Ford Mustang! Lord, if you love me...I'll win. 

LOL...I'm mad the tech didn't tell me I was holding the sign upside down. Its all good tho. #fordupsidedown lol 

 I was surprised to see more beauty based vendors this time around(for us beauty addicts). The Bronner Brother's hair show is mainly for hair stylists, so to see them expand on beauty was a pleasant surprise. I was ESPECIALLY happy to see a display by MORPHE Brushes! 

Ok to answer you question: Yes, this is fake M.A.C. With that said, I always wonder where they purchase this. I mean, some of the packaging is damn near SPOT ON! However when you try the blushes which I did, it just looked like dust on the back of my hand. You can't cut corners...just buy the real thing. 

Faux Brats! EyeLash Vendor

Live Makeup Demos at Danessa Myrics Booth!


Johnny Wright (Hair Stylist to the one and ONLY Michelle Obama) 
This is as close as I've been to her. HA!

 Kim Kimble (Star of LA Hair at her booth Promoting her Hair Care Line K2 Beauty! Love the name, Its catchy!)

Porsha Williams promoting her Line of "NAKED" Hair Extensions

R&B Diva's Syleena Johnson and Meelah (Original member of the girls group 702)

Overall, I had a great time. I also love how the bloggers were taken care of this time around. We felt apart of the show! I didn't feel used, which isn't always the case. Thanks Bronner Brother's for such an awesome time!

Until Next Time,
<3 Bee


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