Mommy's Midnight Get-A-Way: Finding time for YOU!

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Hello Beauties!

(Because I was about to flip a table. LOL)

Yesterday was a typical full day. Woke up, fed the kids, bathed the kids, preschool prep, makeup clients, check/respond to emails, grocery shopping, made lunch/dinner, do laundry, sanitize makeup kit, etc. I can honestly keep going with all that's required of me each day. When I put the kids to bed last night, I went and sat on the couch and just began staring at the wall.

Talk about BURNT OUT! I was beyond exhausted. After about 2 minutes of spacing out, my mind immediately began planning for the next day. Out of no where, a huge wave anxiety came over me! Like the walls were closing in around me; I became short of breath. Usually my husband and I stay up (a little longer than we should) after the kids go to bed to get some quality time in. Last night, he decided to go to bed a little earlier. He asked if I was joining him and I said, "You know, I think I'll just stay out here for a bit."

I began thinking of something I could do alone to get rid of this anxiety. I, like most moms, spend most of my day catering to other people. At home AND at work. My husband does his best to make me feel special by giving me breaks, letting me sleep in and such. However I realized I was feeling burnt out because I continue to forget about myself. The time my husband sets aside for me to rest, I find myself still thinking about work. That's not rest. Even though he sets time aside for me to relax, I never cash it in for what its for. ME! So last night I told myself I was going to stay up however long I needed to, to feel relaxed.

Around midnight after the hubs went to bed, I grabbed my little in-home foot spa bath and gave myself a mani and pedi. I made myself a drink (Orange Juice and Club Soda *side eye* lol), and watched endless hours of The Cosby Show. I haven't watched that show in such a long time. Watching it now as a married woman and mother of 2 made the show so much better for me. Next thing I know its I was still feeling some type of way so I did a facial masque and took a long hot shower (with NO interruptions...let the church say AMEN!) After that, I still felt uneasy. 

To rid of the tiny pocket of anxiety balled up in left in my side, I whipped out my prayer journal and my Bible. Everything else I'd done helped. My body felt relaxed, but my spirit was still uneasy. The only way I know to rid an uneasy spirit is through devotion and prayer. About 30 minutes later I felt so much better. 
Psalm 55: 22 Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

To my moms out there juggling it all:

You're over worked, tired, and may feel under-appreciated.  We don't think about ourselves until we have moments like I did last night. We burn ourselves out and are in need of a recharge. We fuel our families with love, time and affection that is not alway reciprocated. Not because they don't love us or they aren't thinking of us. Marriage and raising children has its challenges for sure. Being married doesn't make the process (raising children) any easier (contrary to what people believe) and if you're dong it alone, I commend you. I had taste of being a "single parent" when my husband suddenly became very ill last year. That was the roughest time in my life, and to be honest, I'm still recovering from it. Point is, when we neglect ourselves it shows. My kids and my husband can tell when I'm burnt out...I can get a little impatient and grumpy.

Mommies, if you have to stay up after putting my kids to bed; from 12am to 6am like I did to get some peace of so! Try to do something for yourself everyday. Yes everyday! It doesn't have to be time consuming, expensive or anything like that. Gift yourself a new pair of jeans, a lip stick, a makeup session with me (wink wink lol). Give yourself and mani and pedi, journal, buy yourself flowers, etc. Plug into YOU! Because I wasn't pouring into myself, I notice that I haven't been as accepting as I could as far as my husbands advances to make me feel special. I'm not just talking about doing the naughty here. LOL I'm talking about the times he gives me space and I don't use it! Then I'll turn around and say, " You never give me time to breath....regroup!" Then he'll say, "well the other day I took the kids to the store with me to give you an hour of two of silence/time to do whatever you want/need to. Me..."oh yeah. I'm sorry..." LOL SEE! Pour into yourselves and allow others to pour into you. It begins with US!

Until Next time...

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  1. Thank you so much for being so transparent in this post; I was blessed by it. I am a stay at home mom of 2 children ages 3 and 11 months as well as a full time student. All day I pour into my children and at the end of the day I am feeling zapped of everything. I rarely put time into myself and feel so overwhelmed. Thanks for the reminder to start taking better care of me. I appreciate the post. Blessings abundantly to you and your family!

  2. This really spoke to me! I'm a Married Mother of one but I tottally felt like you were speaking to me directly! I'm grateful I stumbbled across your blog. I pray you continue to find time for yourself! God is amazing and I'm forever grateful.


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