Naturally Fly's Honey Punch & Midnight Mango 100% Natural Body Butters!

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Hello Beauties!

I'm coming to you today with yet another Body Butter Review! You guys know that I have extremely dry skin and lately, body butters (mainly natural based and handmade) have come to my rescue. I'm able to control the dryness throughout the day, but when I wake up in the morning.....HAVE MERCY Jesus, my face and other dry patches on my body looks like one big scab. So I have to exfoliate and moisturize these areas at least twice a day. Because I put my skin through so much, its important for me carry a good moisturizer with me. So I put these to the test during Bronner Brother's Weekend here in Atlanta, GA last weekend. Did these in particular work for me? Was it able to replace one of my Top 3 Body Butters? Let's get into this review...

Packaging: In my previous body butter reviews, I don't believe I've commented or reviewed their packaging. It didn't really stand out, but I absolutely love Naturally Fly's packaging! From the body butters to the website, really impressive! I love when people put just as much into their packaging as they do the product. It all connected.

Smell: Like I've said before in other product reviews, before I begin testing a product I read the labels and its claims. If the label says "Honey Punch" I better get punched in the nose with Honey! LOL and that I DID! A friend of mine came over and saw it sitting on the table and screamed, "OMG I've been looking for a shea butter that smells like Honey! Does it?" I told her to check it out for herself. She opened it was very pleased with the scent and said it was exactly what she was looking for. Of course she tried to sweet talk me out of mine, but I politely handed her one of the many business cards Naturally Fly sent me and directed her to their website. Midnight Mango however, did not  have the same effect on me. The butter smells amazing, it does. It a fruity smell, but I couldn't find even and underlining scent of Mango.

Texture: Its a very soft and light whipped butter. It applies very light, and does in fact leave a natural glow like the label says.  However, I have ONE (1) con with the texture. It left my palms feeling very oily and a little sticky. I thought it could just be the honey in the "Honey Punch" but I had the same experience with Midnight Mango as well. My skin felt great, but I didn't like the fact that I had to wipe the palms of my hands off on something to remove the excess product. Because of the lingering product, I used it in areas that would use a little more. Like my knees, elbows, and heels of my feet and it was Perfect! This butter is perfect for all your rough edges.

Over all, the butters are great, but my Top 3 will remain the same. Oh, I have to add that I did leave "Honey Punch" in the car by accident and the sun melted it down (this happened after my weekend of putting it to the test). It may sound strange, but I liked how the product felt as a solid butter more. Maybe when the sun melted the product, it allowed the ingredients to really come together. LOL! *shrugs* (just an observation).

This product is 100% natural and is worth trying! We all have different skin conditions and this very well may be what your skin needs! Use the discount code "FLY2014" to receive 10% OFF your order at!


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