What I Wore: Bronner Brothers International Hair Show WEEKEND KickOFF! Bloggers Only Lunch-in

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Hello Beauties!

My BB weekend began Friday @ the Omni Hotel (inside the CNN Center) for the Bronner Brother's Official Bloggers Lunch-in. There we discussed the details of the weekend, which events we were selected to cover and so on & so forth. 

Its always great meeting and mixing with new bloggers! I received an outstanding number of requests for outfit details after posting this photo on my Facebook Fan Page. Here is what I wore to this exclusive gathering.... 

Lipstick: MAC Riri Boy (Limited Addition) w/ Nightmoth Lipliner 
Glasses: Claire's 
Marilyn Monroe Shirt: Old Navy
Moshino Phone Case w/ Crossbody Chain: Ebay (sold out)
Jeans: F21 Plus 
Shoes: TARGET (last summer on clearance $12)

Check out this small clip of me hanging out in the Bloggers Lounge at the Omni Hotel inside the CNN  Center downtown ATL!
The Bronner Brother's Hair Show is a place where showcasing your individuality is encouraged and inspired. This pertains to how you fashion, style hair, or beat face! You don't have to blend in with the crowd, you can stand out on your own...shine your own light.  

My style I can't put in to one category but here are some words I'd use to describe it;

Casual Chic
Urban Geek
Down to Earth

I like to come across as an easy going person...who's easy to talk to or approach....because that's honestly who I am. I'm not a Diva, so I don't want to come across as one. Have you ever been somewhere and someone walks in decked out in Gucci, Chanel or Louie but their walk shows they are defined by these items? If I did rock these brands, I still would stand out first is what I am saying. Don't know if I just went left here, or if you are still following me. Style says so much about who you are, and who you're going to be. As much as people say we shouldn't, we DO judge people when we meet them...so make sure what ever you put on your body is how you want to be seen, known or recognized. This goes for what you post on social media too. Anyway....If you catch me at Bronner Brother's Don't hesitate to say HEY! Today is the last day and I'll be looking for you...

Doing what Bloggers do best...Tweet, Instagram, and so fourth about BB Weekend! #BBHAPPYHAIR

Myself with Blogger and graphic designer KellieBrew (Sister2Sister Magazine) and Blogger BKnightwriter!

Until Next time,
<3 Bee


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