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Hello Beauties!

For those who don't know, my government name is Rebecca, but people call me Bee. :)

I'm honored to share with you all that I am a B. FAB Award Nominee for Best Beauty Blogger! How cool is that?

Tastemaker Magazine's first B. FAB Award ceremony took place right here in Atlanta, GA, March of 2013. During that time I was living in Connecticut, sitting at home watching live highlights of the event on Instagram and Facebook.  I was so sad that I could not be in the building; not as a nominee, but to support my fellow bloggers nominated at the time; ItsArkeedah, NaturallyKela, Natural Chica, etc. With that said, it is great to be back home in Atlanta, and its great to be in a pool with almost 100 other Bloggers/Nominees in various categories.

This time around there will be no fan voting, which to me is kind of exciting/scary. Our blogs will have to speak for themselves. Win or lose, I'm just excited to be in the building this year. That fact that I'm able to attend signifies a number of battles I've already won! I will keep you guys informed on ways you CAN support as soon as I know. Thank you for the love you've shown me and my lil ole' Blog and career in Makeup Artistry thus far!

The B. Fab Awards (sponsored by Lexus, StyleSeat, Toyota, & V-103) takes place October 12, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit www.bfabawards.com  and follow Tastemaker Magazine on Instagram & Twitter.

I'm a B. FAB Nominee, Whoop!

<3 Bee

It's been an AMAZING year and its not even over yet!


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