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Hello Beauties!

I know I am not the only Makeup Artist who's grown tired of using an endless supply of paper towels. I swear Make-Up Artists and Mothers are keeping this paper towel business alive. With that said, I'm both and I buy paper towels more than anything. Then one day I thought there has to be a solution. I've seen makeup artist carry bath towels with them, but I didn't want to do that. The ones I've seen other artists carry looked so old, dingy and dirty. That when placemats popped in my head! I said, "YES! I'll use placemats!" Yes, the kind you use to set the dinner table.

So I took to eBay and searched "Bamboo Placemats." So many came up in so many different styles and colors. I chose this pretty floral design because I'm just girly like that. I paid $8 for the pair. I can easily wipe these down with makeup remover wipes and it cleans all the make off the mat with no sign of it ever being there. You can easily sanitize with cotton balls and alcohol as well.

So head over to eBay and pick you up some all black, pink, floral, etc.. place mats for less than $10 and free shipping. So happy I'm no longer fishing for paper towels.

Left Photo My makeup is on Paper Towels, Right Photo is My placemat from eBay! All my makeup fit nicely on 1 mat .

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

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