Lip Stick Files| SIN this Fall w/ M.A.C Cosmetics!

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Hello Beauties!

I have yet to do my official Fall Favorites post (shame on me), however this lipstick deserves a landing of its own. M.A.C Sin has to be my favorite lipstick right now for fall. I suggest you reserve a spot for this lippie in your lip stick tray, run on over to MAC and pick up one...or two. Mainly because its been selling out. Check out this dreamy lipstick below!

This beauty here is the color of a warm, red wine! Some also say it looks like a Matte "Rebel." I can see that a little bit. Rebel is also on of my Mac faves, but if I had to pick one over the other, it would be this one. I'm a sucker for Matte lips! Oh yes, I must add that I am wearing Nightmoth Lip Liner with this lipstick. It is key for making it look warmer as I've done in my photo.

Funny thing. I don't like wearing cosmetics with names like, "B*tch, Whore, etc." Or my favorite, "666 or Six6Six." Yeah...I'm NOT wearing those lipsticks. I will not put the devil on me in any form or fashion. I didn't feel like that with this one being named "Sin." I think the lipstick is SO beautiful that it should be one...that's how I think they got the name. Random...I know, just felt like sharing. 


Anyways hit the link below and treat yourself to this Sinfully Beautiful Lipstick...


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  1. I absolutely love this lipstick. I purchased it and it looks great. Only thing is it sometimes makes my lips feel dry, but I like the color better matte than glossy.


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