MUFE Dany's Pouch DUPE: Monda Studio Cosmetic Pouch $16.95!

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Hello Beauties!

You guys know I'm always on the hunt for a good deal. However in this case I wasn't looking for a DUPE. 

Recently I've been on the hunt for Make Up Forever's Dany's Pouch. Its a super large cup brush holder. As my kit grows, so does my brush collection. I've been using MAC's Brush Canisters which are great, but I heard Dany's pouch was much bigger. I do most of my shopping online because where I live in GA there is absolutely nothing near me. Outside of that problem, this product is always sold out on in stores as well. After I couldn't find it there I went to where I have 40% off MUFE and there it was for available for $18.60 which was GREAT. However shipping was like $12, and when ever I order from Naimies it takes almost 2 weeks for my items to arrive. This is why I was so happy when I stumbled upon Monda Studio's Cosmetic Pouch. It's listed on for $16.95 with a shipping cost of only $ I helped myself to 2!!! The estimated shipping time was only 3-4 days. Oh, I never shared the normal price of MUFE Dany's pouch. Its $31! So we are saving BIG here again. The Monda Cosmetic Pouch and the MUFE pouch are the same exact thing. Here is a pic of Dany's Pouch...

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Check out Make Up For Ever's Dany's Pouch here: $31 (Sold out) 

PURCHASE Monda's Studio Cosmetic Pouch here: $16.95 (in stock)

Do I love the pouches, YES! They are super large and they're very flexible. As you can see in the image above, I have Real Technique brushes in side the pouch and those are not small brushes. I have multiple of them in side the pouch with plenty of space left.

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  1. Would you mind to post an update on what you think of these brush cups now that you have had them for awhile? Perhaps a picture of yours too? I'm in makeup school and am trying to save all my pennies.


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