My Glam-Aholic LifeStyle Tote Bag by Mia Ray: Review/ First Impression

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Hello Beauties!

Today I'm coming at you guys with a review for "Same Girl, Different Hair" creator, Mia Ray's Glam-Aholic Lifestyle Tote bag!  I've been eying this bag for a while, plus I was looking to support black owned businesses for black friday this year. That and 30% off told me now is the perfect time. So now you know that yes, I did purchase this with my own money!

I feel in love with this bag at first site (online). Its perfect for everyday wear and from what I could tell it was very roomy. Boy of Boy is it roomy! In the image above I have two throw blankets, a pair of jeans, and a few scarves to fill it up. Then I placed my books, Shea butter and iPad on top for picture purposes. The point is, it can fit a crazy amount of items. So let me hit you with the pros and cons real quick...

  • Stylish
  • Goes with Everything
  • For everyone! The mom on the go, the professional, the athlete, etc.
  • It can fit everything, including your first born (aka) its Roomy!
  • Well Made
  • Has draw strings on the sides of the bag to synch the bag in for a more tailored look. 
  • I freakin' Love the design. I'm clearly living the "Glam-Aholic Lifestyle!"
  • Poor, POOR Packaging!!!!!!! Ruins the quality of the bag.
This is the downfall of this bag and is my only CON! I can't even lie, I was infuriated when I opened the package when it arrived. This bag is shipped, folded up in a bubble shipping envelope. Folding this material is all bad. I didn't even think to take pictures of it so I could show you. I quickly unfolded the bag and stuffed it with as much as I could to work out the kinks and folds. It looked like I received a used/already worn bag! That's how many dents and fold marks were there. No one wants to pay $60 for a bag that will arrive looking used.  I highly suggest the seller, if she finds her eyes on this article, to adjust the packaging. I have one dent so deep its almost punctured straight through the bag. Until the packaging is updated, I think its highly unfair not to accept refunds.

Overall, the bag is lovely! Its just the shipping, its horrendous and kinda ruins it. I've stretched out my bag for a week now and I'll be rocking it for the first time tomorrow. I'll try to snap a few pics to share on Instagram! 

Underneath my books and iPad, there are two blankets and some cloths. This bag is huge! 
Also, this bag does close. Well Kinda. There are hooks on the inside that meet in the middle to secure your items. Visit the link below to view stock photos. You'll see what I'm talking about. :)

What do you guys think?

To Purchase Your Own Glam Tote:

Until Next time...

<3 Bee

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  1. Love your review and thanks for being honest about the packaging


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