DIY VANITY: My Beauty Inspired Office!

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Hello Beauties!

Finally, a space to call my own!!! I could cry...

Ladies, I have been planning and pinning this room for thee longest time! Its nice to see it come to life. I originally wanted a white room and for the accent striped wall to be white and a soft grey. The place I just moved it has this funky brown/tan color all through out so, I didn't want to paint the entire room. Instead, I just added white stripes and I'm so glad I did. It brings so much light into the room. My window is right across from my desk and the white furniture stripes just bounces that light around the room. I love it! Painting stripes was a breeze and I did it with only a pint of white paint. The door is open in this photo because my husband painted that side *LOL*. He painted it like a guy so I'm hiding it. *LOL* Enjoy a few more photos of the room before I break it down below. Links and Prices will be provided for items I can find online. If not, check the store listed. 



The Breakdown:

White paint: Home Depot $15
MALM Ikea Desk: $150
Shelf: Ikea
Vanity Stool: Home Goods $35
 Faux Fur Rug: Home Goods $16
Mirror: TJ Maxx $35 in Clearance
Gold Lip Canvas: TJ Maxx $25
Be Creative and Dream Canvas $7.99 Home Goods
Directors Chair/Makeup Chair: 
Stellar Ring Light $250
Tripod- My

The makeup organizers I've had since last year and the links to purchase have expired. Do find makeup trays like these, search:

I know we were supposed to add vanity lights about the mirror, but right now I don't really need them. If I find that I do later I will add them and share with you all the result. 

When building your own space do what you can! All these items were bought over a period of time. If you got it like that...aye have at it. I think I did pretty good does my hubby. Its great to finally have a place to think, plan and follow through with those plans. Where I lived before this recent move crippled my creativity. There was no space to think, or breath. LOL I hope you enjoyed this post and that it inspired to create a little room or corner of your own. If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me below in the comments or on Instagram

I look forward to creating beautiful things...and videos for you all in this space! Subscribe to my channel NOW!

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

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