Mommy Diaries: Why the BLEEP Did I Make Spaghetti?!?

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Baby Simon (1yr) Covered in Spaghetti!

You ever wake up and as soon as your big toe hits the floor, you realize its gonna be one of those days? Yeah well...that was the day I had. Try your best to ignore the adorable, spaghetti sauced, covered baby in the photo and understand the agony present on my face. LOL Where do I begin? Ready for my rambling? Okay....

If you follow me on the gram then you know that I just moved and I'm getting all cozy in my new place. Moving requires a lot, and even though the first thing you wanna do is enjoy your new really can't. Boxes just stare at you from the corners...screaming, "UNPACK ME!" When I attempt to unpack and organize the kids closet, you know what they do? Unfold every freakin thing, tossing it back in the box. Unpacking with children around....whats the point? Really, what is it?

...Nothing is in its place. There is no toilet paper in the entire place because its new and who says, "dont' forget to pack the toilet paper?" No one. Now you have to make a store run. You go into Target and come out with $100 worth of stuff when you only went for TP...a pack of 12 is $8 -_- #Fail.  Then, you have to break down to your husband what the hell you spent $100 in Target. SIGH he didn't care...but I didn't feel like explaining myself. Shoot its can't just go and expect to leave with ONLY what's on the list. *LOL*

Then the hubby gets a phone call from a pesty client. Ok great, now he's frustrated. Now I'm frustrated because he's frustrated. When you're married, and you and your spouse are both in the same funk, one of you have to decide to snap out of it and QUICK! So, I took a deep breath, said a prayer and let the frustrations of my day go....completely. 

Spotify to the rescue!!! Oh yes....I'm in the groove...lost in the music. Smiling at the thought of my husband loving me  *sings* "Like XO's". Then I started thinking about kisses "before they cut the lights out"...then I thought about Jay kissing Bey and cut the song off. I digress...

Dinner time. Something easy of course, we just I made spaghetti (Marc, shut up ...hehe). thee HELL....did I do that? Here I am in my new place, new carpet, no dining room table with paper plates. Why did I make red, meaty, saucy spa-freakin-ghetti for my 1 year old and my 3 year old? Why do babies stick their ENTIRE hand in their mouth to get the smallest spaghetti noodle inside? These are the questions I asked myself as I scrubbed spaghetti stains out of my carpet. While cleaning up the mess my grunts eventually turned into laughter, and the frustrations of my day into great memories. 

Being a mom is hard work and somedays seem N e v e r  e n d i n g! However if you're like me at the end of the day you still find yourself laughing and smiling at the photos of your baby covered in Spaghetti. The mess wasn't that big of a deal, it was know. The icing on the cake...there was just too much going on in the day. The mess was totally worth the timeless photos that I get to whip out and embarrass Simon with when he brings his first lady friend home...when he's 35. -_- *wishful thinking*

With that said, I'm treating myself to a mani-pedi tomorrow...and maybe even some shoes...heck I don't know...but a ME-day is happening OKAY!

Tell me about your never ending day in the comments!
Oh and tell your hubby about it to, then go for a mani and pedi tomorrow as deserve it.

<3 Bee


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