Sam Fine & Renny Vasquez bring, The ULTIMATE Beauty Seminar to ATLANTA!

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Hello Beauties!

Get Excited!!!!

In a time where Instagram famous selfie guru's and YouTube MUA's are hosting over priced makeup classes offering bootleg techniques, my beauty dreams have come true. Thee Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez are bringing ' THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY SEMINAR' to Atlanta and I couldn't be more excited. Finally real, ground breaking makeup artists made some time for the little people.

The first seminar was in NYC on August 2nd. I didn't have the money to fly out and attend so the fact that they are coming here...sigh. Sings in my Brandy voice, "Never wildest dreams..." did I think they would come here. I believe Brandy is in ATL filming her new show as well, so maybe we'll get a surprise guest model?! I'm reaching...I know, but who cares. LOL

Tickets go on sale on Saturday, 9.12.15 at 9am est. I will already be up, and waiting to give these men my coins. Don't let someone get your seat. Secure your slot and I hope to see/ meet you all there.

WHOOP WHOOP! Off to to find some all black everything to wear.

Love y'all! 

Oh and you don't know who these artists are, I refuse to break it down for you. Hit up google and be amazed.

Until next time, 
<3 Bee

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  1. HOW EXCITING!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!! 2 amazing makeup artist!


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