Beauty Chat | 5 Reasons why your Makeup looks a HOT CAKEY, FLAKEY...MESS!

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Hello Beauties!

Today I wanted to come and talk to you guys about something that's been weighing on my heart. Y'all need to get it together and I'm here to help you do so, because I'm so tired of the foolishness (lol). 

As a Professional Makeup Artist, I come across all types of people, skin types, tones and conditions. With every client I always ask the following question, "What's your skin care regimen? What's your favorite foundation? When's the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? How old is that makeup sponge?" The responses are always so shocking to me. Most women I work on have no kind of skin care regimen and they wonder why their face looks a hot, cake-y mess when they attempt to wear makeup. Down the line, women tend to blame the products they use instead of the poor up-keeping of their skin. are a few issues I'd like to discuss today. There are definitely more, but lets start with these 5 Reasons your makeup/skin looks a HOT MESS:

1. You Don't have a Skin Care Regimen

Say what now?! You must know that the key to a flawless face is healthy skin. It's important to have a skin care routine whether you wear makeup or not. I have actually had someone say they didn't have a routine because they don't wear makeup often. You still have to protect your skin from all the bacteria its exposed to everyday. If you go out side, you need to wash your face. If you hugged someone today, you need to wash your face. When you wake up in the morning, you need to wash your face. If you talked on your cell get the point by now. Make sure you wash your face and moisturize every day. Even if you have oily skin! Oh yes, and exfoliate once a week! 

2.  You Use Expired and/or Dirty Makeup!

To my surprise many of my clients had items in their makeup bag over 5 years old. I'm not talking about eyeshadow. I'm talking about their holy grail face powders and mascaras. How one holds onto a mascara for so long is beyond me. I've never had one that long, but I would assume they just dry out or clump up. Still, I find that people are trying to hold on to that last drop. Boo. Throw it away, I beg of thee. This also goes for makeup that you've shared with or borrowed from friends. More then likely, it is breaking you out. 1. Because its old. 2. Its old and FULL of bacteria. 

3. You Sleep in your makeup!

GROSS! If you are one of those people that do examples 1-3, it makes sleeping in your makeup that much worse. Sleeping in your makeup is a no-no. I've been guilty of doing so a few times, and those times I've succumbed to doing so I woke up with 2 lovely reminders (pimples) to never do it again. I love washing my face at the end of the day, like I love washing makeup brushes (insert emoji giving the side eye lol). I hate washing my face at the end of the day! Even though it takes 2 seconds to do, its a task I hate doing and I'll never know why. So on top of everything I listed above, you're sleeping it all of that bacteria. Only for you to sweat and release body oils in your sleep on to your sheets and pillow cases, then it (the bacteria) sets right back in to your face. Expect a pimple or 2 when you wake up the next day or the day after. In my case, anytime I slip up and fall asleep before washing my face, I get a pimple on my nose, forehead or chin the next morning. 

4. You Don't Sanitize your Cell Phone!

Your cell phone contains more bacteria than your toilet. Go rub your face on your toilet seat right now. No? Well, you hold your phone up to your face multiple times a day. You share your phone with others to make a phone call, or to just show someone a funny video on vine. Do you know when they last washed their hands? You then take your phone back and put it right back on your face the next time you need to make a call. If you find that your skin is breaking out more than usual, try sanitizing your cell phone 1 to 2 times a week. If you have children, you may want to do so every night. LOL

5. You Don't Drink Water

Yes, there are people out there who do not drink water at all. If they do, its only because its a hot, sunny day and its all that's available. You may find it nasty, but your body needs it. Its truly the key to gorgeous, glowing skin! Don't start your day with coffee. Start it with water...

There you have it guys. The key to a flawless face/ flawless makeup application is skin that's taken care of. If you are constantly putting makeup on top of skin that's not clean, dry, etc. it will only build up leaving your makeup looking caked and flakey on top of the skin. Many like to blame it on the foundation, setting powder or setting spray. Nope, its the foundation that counts and when I say foundation I'm talking about your SKIN! So if your skin is a hot, dry, flakey, oily mess...your makeup will be as well. 

Change these things and see how it works out for you. Don't worry, I'll be doing blog posts on skin care regimens for those with oily and dry skin. On thing at a time my dears...

Until Next time...


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