Sam Fine & Renny Vasquez | The Ultimate Beauty Seminar Review + Photo Recap!

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Hello Beauties!

Last week, it was by the grace of the almighty God that I was able to attend this class. When Sam and Renny announced they were coming I said a little prayer to ask God to help me gather my coins. I had to choose between paying my sons daycare and the class. I was honestly just going to pay the daycare late. LOL BUT...that's when I booked 3 people last minute. BOOM BAM! I Got my money for the class. This MUA life is not easy. We all have slow days, but my fellow artists know that last minute money is the absolute best. The total investment for the class was $299!!! Bruh...

Yes, I know $300 can be a lot but trust me when I tell you this class is AMAZING and totally worth it! Plus I know of artists charging $300 for their class and they are ummm...Not Sam Fine and Renny Vasquez. So the fact that you get to see TWO industry leaders for this price is beyond reasonable. If the class was $500, I would've cried and paid that as well. Renny and Sam if you find yourself on my blog, do not raise your price to $500...I would pay it....but....(moving on...)

I attended this class for a few reasons:

  1. I'm horrible at applying creams. I use liquid foundations majority of the time and I'm getting to the point where I want something more than liquid. I love the covereage of creme foundations, but learning how to manipulate it has been the challenge. Sam and Renny are both lovers and users of creme foundation. So when I tell you that I got every single thing I came for!? I got everything I wanted out of the class. Especially when it came to applying foundations.
  2. I wanted to learn brows from Renny...
  3. ...and Skin + Cut crease from Sam!

I don't want to go into detail about about the class because they are still on tour. They JUST announced their next class will be in Washington, DC on November 15, 2015. Tickets go on sale October 23rd at 9am. 

I want to encourage those who are wondering if its worth the investment to go ahead and get your ticket. It totally is. Plus you'll get most of what you spent back in your gift bag! This gift bag was on 10! Peep the photo below. Plus I think a few items are missing because they went right in my kit! The Beauty Blender is missing from the photo, as well as Motives Makeup Setting Spray...

The Ultimate Beauty Seminar Swag

One tip I will share from Renny that changed my life is: DO BROWS LAST! Doing your clients brows last will prevent you from making the brow to heavy. When you start with brows, we tend to add more than is really needed. As soon as he said that, I went to my Instagram and looked at my clients brows. They were heavier than I originally thought they were. This is a changed I implemented immediately and I've seen a major difference in how I do brows. Again, this is just one of many life changing tips. Other selling points hmmmm...

Sam Fine is bruh. He's a cutie. Plus he's quick witted and full of personality. I'm so mad at whoever told me he was boring! SO NOT TRUE! LOL He was so funny, humble, and down to earth. Oh, also be sure if you have a question for him, its an actual question. LOL That's all I'm going to say. I loved him, I loved the class. Renny was amazing...everything was amazing. JUST GO! 

I will also add that it was totally refreshing to see to artist come together and get MONEY! In Atlanta I find it very hard to unify the artists. There's so much work to go around, yet everyone is acting like everyone is coming for their clients or their coins. No! I hope all the women in the room learned something from watching Sam and Renny. That there's so much love and so much room for us all in this industry. Let's reach out and help each other, rather than pulling the rugs other each others feet. I could totally go in on that last sentence, but I won't. Don't you hate when you have tea to spill, but you're too classy, and a Christian?! Gahhhh. Again, we can come together as artists and ALL WIN!

It was also amazing to meet some of my followers/ readers there. I even had someone come to me and say, "I'm here because of your blog! I saw your post about the class and decided to come!" This totally made my day. So enjoy these photos below, if you see yourself comment below and send me your info. It was nice meeting you all. 

WASHINGTON DC! Renny and Sam are heading your way so gather your coins and get ready to be blown away!  Check out my photo recap below...

All Black Everything!









Thank you Sam & Renny for an amazing class and for sharing your stories with us. I left feeling like I could conquer the world. Thanks for showing us that there are people out there who want to see us win. I have a mentor for every area of my life except for my makeup artistry! God, send me my "Sam Fine!" Oh God of Mentorship!

Will you be attending "The Ultimate Beauty Seminar" when it comes to your city?

Until next time,
<3 Bee

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  1. Hi Bee!
    I love this story! Question....Do you have a post about when you first started doing makeup?
    I love makeup and my goal is to become an artist in my area. However, although I have done makeup for my family and friends I still have a lot of learning to do. Any suggestions on how I can start acquiring the needed skills and product knowledge? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.

  2. BEE!!!!!!

    Thank you for your kind words and support; I sincerely appreciate your review of our class. I look forward to seeing you again and hearing how you're mastering the art of cream foundation! :)

    Wishing you much success!

    Sam Fine


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