Honest Answers to Questions Every Makeup Artist HATES Answering

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Hello Beauties!

So, today's post is going to be a little different, kind of like a comedic rant. I've been sitting on this post for a while now. Its been hanging out in the draft tab for quite some time, but tonight I figured why not! Judge me accordingly for this post. The MUA life is not easy and its hard to not speak on some things as a blogger. I run the risk of being deemed unprofessional and tonight I simply don't care. For my readers who are in fact makeup artists, I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! As well as those who've hired a pro mua. What was your experience? Have you asked these questions? If so, tell us why. 

So lets dive right on in...

When my makeup artists friends and I get together we share stories from some of our most memorable clients. Not in the way you're probably thinking. We bounce ideas off one another, and ask for advice on how to act in certain situations. We talk about the ever so gracious ones that over tip and go above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable. We also talk about those clients that are 30 minutes late, question you on why they are being charged a late fee, then rush you to finish because they were late AND then do not tip. Sigh.... Like I said, I'm going there. 

Again, I've been wanting to publish this for a long time, but thought it'd be deemed 'unprofessional' to discuss experiences I've had with clients. Well, I'm not going to talk about MY clients per say, however I am going to compile a series of answers to the questions that myself and my makeup artist friends receive all that time. Questions that we find amusing, annoying or just don't understand at ALL!

Frequently asked question #1- "How much do you charge for a mini make over?"

I'm pretty sure every pro mua (that I know) is face palming and smh'ing right now. This is a question that I get ever so often and I as a MUA want to know what the heck one means/has in mind as a mini make over. Since this is my blog and not an email I'm replying to, I'm going to give it to you straight and share my thoughts on the matter. This is the one place I can do so publically so....here we go...

Do I do mini faces? No. When someone asks me to quote them for a mini face I assume a few things. 

1. The client believes that requesting a 'mini face' will drastically reduce the rate of a full face. 
2. That its an indirect way of asking for a discount. 
3. That the client doesn't see the true value in a professional makeup artist. 
4. The client doesn't wear much makeup on a day to day basis. 

What I would like potential clients and readers to know is that,  "a little blush, a little eyeshadow and a little lipstick" is in fact a full face. Saying that you want a 'little' bit of everything wont make the application process any cheaper or easier. In fact I find it to be a lot harder to apply with a lighter hand. Therefore asking for a 'mini face' should cost more? Nah? (lol remember I'm being silly here...while I hit you with the truth.)

Also, I don't believe in doing just eyes because its against my religion to make your eyes all pretty only to then leave dark circles under your eyes?! Nah-uhhh, y'all are not about to be walking around talkin' bout, "yeah girl, Bee Wade did half my makeup." I want nothing to do with it. (LOL!) Not caring that much about makeup doesn't change the fact that my primer is $55, foundation $50, eyeshadow palette $50...I can go on. I would say the items that I take out on my mat to use on the average client is worth about $1000...including my brushes. I feel like it could be more than the 1k too. That's not including all the makeup in my kit, just what I need for 1 face! This MUA life is not cheap. You really have to love it because for a while you are putting out more than you have coming in. This is why I do not entertain mini or half faces. Its not worth my time and I don't believe it looks good. Feel free to hit up www.craigslist.com tho. You can get a mini face from free.99 to maybe $25! 

Frequently asked question #2 - Why is makeup for the Bride significantly more expensive than the rest of the party?

I'd like to say this question isn't a bad question. Some people truly don't understand this and I get that. Especially women who never wear makeup. I actually love that even though they don't wear makeup everyday, they're wise enough to seek a professional on the biggest day of their life! While I'm tired of answering the question, I get why its posed. The best way I can explain it is...

Its like asking why Bridesmaid dresses are cheaper than the Bridal gown! More time and care goes into the bridal gown to ensure she looks better than everyone, including her bridesmaids, her husbands ex...everybody! Beading, lacing, layering, expensive fabrics, etc. Makeup Artists take more time on the bride, they use their "good brush set" on the bride, etc. Might I add that as a professional makeup artist I've served as many other things. A bouncer, a planner, a messenger, a coordinator, a friend when all of her bridesmaids are tripping about everything and fail to realize that its not their day, etc. I've had to put one too many bridesmaids and mothers in place. Every single time it has happened the bride appreciated it. Note: I've only done this when things truly got out of hand. I would never insert myself in a situation for no reason. I don't allow people to stress my bride out! Is this included in the fee? No....I'm just saying that makeup artist do more then you'll ever know. We are with you in that final moment, we see and wipe tears away. If the artist is amazing and kind, just pay the rate...OK?! You saw their work and reached out to them for a reason. Mua's share this post and use the hashtag #PAYTHERATE...LOL

Frequently asked question #3 - Can I have more concealer under my eyebrow, like on instagram?

Yes this is a real question and I have many creative ways of saying....No.

Frequently asked question #4 - Can you air brush my photo?

Clients who only feel comfortable being on my page if they were airbrushed don't get posted. Another LONG post to come all about AIRBRUSHING! 

Frequently asked question #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 - "What are you doing now? What are you using? What brush is that? Can I take a picture of everything you used on my face? Can I watch you do my brows?" 

Ummm, can you book a one on one lesson? I am not new to the game and I know what you're doing. Please, do not arrive to a regular makeup appointment and use that time to learn how to do your makeup. No Boo-Boo Kitty....not with me.

Frequently asked question #10- Can I bring my bridal party to the consultation? This was a tough one for me for a while. 

I will speak for myself here. When a bride has all of her party at the consultation it never goes well, and heres why.

When I'm finished with the brides makeup, she calls all of her friends in the room (after she's told me she loves it) and asks their opinion;

Friend #1: "I don't know, I like it. Its cool and all but maybe add a little more blush or some glitter." In my mind I'm thinking, "noooooooooo! lol"

The Natural Friend: " Girl, you know you don't need no makeup at all but its nice. It's not heavy or bad or nothing, all you need is gloss.You're naturally beautiful"

The Hatin' Ass Friend: "I've seen you look better."

The Mom: *insert happy tears*

The Bride: *is now crying because the mom is crying*

The Makeup Artist: *is cussing every body out in his/her head because she has to fix the makeup, now the bride is unsure about a look she loved due to the opinions of others* (This isn't always the case. Just giving you an example of something that I've experienced 1 or 2 times.)

For consultations, I now allow 1 or 2 people tops! This allows the bride to not be bombarded with opinions, straying her away from how she really wants to look as opposed to how others envision her. If you're a bride, remember, it is your day. No one else matters but YOU! Literally. You will revisit these photos every year for the rest of your life. Your grandchildren will bring these pictures to school when its time to make a family tree and say, "these are my grandparents!" Look how you want to look! Do what you want to do!!!!!

This will conclude my FIRST, Honest Answers to Questions Every Makeup Artist Hates Answering! There will be a part 2. I hope you enjoyed and found the humor in it all. We are artists. We are here to serve, however we have feelings too. I hate feeling silenced in fear of being labeled unprofessional. Welp, label me baby.  I'd love to hear from artists and those who seeks the service of a pro mua in the comments below.

All we want to do is make you look pretty!

Until Next time,
<3 Bee

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  1. Loved this post. I'm not a MUA however I love being made pretty by a talented artist and don't mind paying for it. I will admit I have wondered about question #2 and your explanation is perfect.

  2. The question about the "mini face / eyes only" Girrrrllllllll.... Most annoying question EVER. I loved this blog post

  3. Your posts are always on point. I have to agree witj it all. Main thing Im struggling with is pricing. Have people I know dont mind dropping $50 at MAC but when I tell them my price that less than that I get the side eye. Dont take into consideration had to custom blend their shade of foundation the lashes the shadow palettes the everything it takes to buold our kits. Sigh preach girl you speak the truth and couldnt agree more!

  4. I'm not a MUA but I love the candor and the humor. Hilarious and nothing that made me scratch my head. You referred to not wanting to come off unprofessional which is why it "sat" for awhile. If anything, this lends more creditability to your expertise cause you take what you do seriously. Love it! @bagladies

  5. I loved this post! So well written, honest and timely. I especially hate the " hater" at the wedding or trial run, usually the baby sister (lol). I also hate the airbrush question. Can't wait for that post.

  6. I loved this post! So well written, honest and timely. I especially hate the " hater" at the wedding or trial run, usually the baby sister (lol). I also hate the airbrush question. Can't wait for that post.

  7. You freakin NAILED THIS!!!!! I couldn't have said it better myself!

  8. I'm a makeup artist but I'm a fairly new one and this post is like a heads up for the questions I will probably get in the future. Thanks girl!

  9. This post was very professional! Loved every bit of it!!!

  10. This post was very professional! Loved every bit of it!!!

  11. I am not a mua, but I love this post. Some of these were questions I was wondering, but never asked. Now I know for when my daughter get married. Thanks!

  12. I am a counter artist as well as A Professional MUA.
    So I get it from both ends. I have stories for days. This was well said and ABSOLUTELY on point.

  13. I am a counter artist as well as A Professional MUA.
    So I get it from both ends. I have stories for days. This was well said and ABSOLUTELY on point.

  14. I am a pro MUA and hairstylist so I get it a little harder. I seriously need to write a book! #Shrugsshoulders....someone had to say it....#PAYTHERATE! Thanks for sharing...you are NOT alone.

  15. OMG!!!!!!!! Yes! I could hug you. The one about the πŸ‘€ #ClassicπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  16. I'm so glad somebody else tackled this "rant"... I wouldn't have been anywhere near as polite. Kudos to you!!! #BrushesUP!

  17. I'm ready for that part two because this post blessed my makeup artist soul.

  18. OHHH I love this <3 yes part two, part two!!

  19. Wooooow I can't wait til part 2, you hit this on the nose!

  20. I loved this post 😎 even i experiance this being a MUA.. One more question i would like to add being an Indian MUA... "can you use my products and do your artistry on my face?" common guys.. WTH!!!

  21. Well done and so true! I'm a pro mua and hairstylist and come across all of these and more. When I get the "mini-makeover" request, I kindly and diplomatically ask them what they percieve a mini- makeover to be and how it differs from a regular one. After they describe their thoughts, I point out that "I'm not someone who applies make-up - anyone can do that - I'm an artist, make-up is my medium and your face is my canvas. When you leave my chair, your face is my work of art. My signature. Do you think the Mona Lisa would have gone down in history as it has if DaVinci would have given it half of his effort?" That gets 'em good!
    Great post ... looking forward to the next

  22. I absolutely loved this post lol....as a makeup artist people don't understand the struggle or how often we are under estimated. I started cracking up at the mini makeup lesson while doing the makeup...it happens allllll the time especially If the person if new to makeup

  23. I was wondering as a makeup artist how I could answer all those annoying questions politely and certainly this article could not come at a better time.Enjoy every word of it because I can relate.

  24. I love this. It's all so true. You should do one on things makeup artists hate when doing a clients makeup.... Like talking when an artist is trying to apply your RED lipstick or trying to text the whole time we are trying to do their eyes... Lol preach girl

  25. makeup artist here...nothing but the TRUTH! MY GOD!

  26. You will be just fine. There is nothing wrong with expressing your concerns about this profession. It's already difficult dealing with people without providing a personal service. People dont have problems with seeing a sign that says "No Shirt, No Service" etc. so don't be worried about other people's perspective. Do YOU and Do it WELL!!!!

  27. I am a mua too and everything you hit on was just great! We know a Bride gets into big trouble if she takes more than 1 or 2 people to watch her try on wedding gowns, too. Recipe for disaster!!


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