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H E Y  B E A U T I E S!

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Black women are beautiful! They (you know who) don't want to admit it, but they know this, they see it and they mimic it. In every hue of brown, we radiate, and we set the trends. Why is it that the trend setters are never trending? Never given the credit when its due? Its time to take matters into our own hands, and this applies outside of makeup as well. Makeup For Melanin Girls set out do just that...

Check out MFMG post that perfectly sums up why there is a need for pages that specifically highlight black girls. Also, why you should be following them...

I typically get overwhelmingly positive comments on this page but once in a while there is always that commenter that says this page is racist or that this page makes women of other races uncomfortable. In honor of black history month this is my response to those types of comments: I went to a drugstore downtown where I live (big, diverse city) and counted the number of black women on magazines. I was able to count only one that week, Oprah Winfrey. Who owns the magazine she featured herself in. The Western standard of beauty is radically different from the way a lot of black women look naturally. How do you think a young black girl's self esteem is affected when she goes to a drugstore and cannot find makeup in her shade? Or picks up a magazine and ALL the makeup tips are geared to lighter skin. Celebrating a group that is routinely ignored by mainstream media is not intended to bring down other groups. This page is a positive message to black women who often see & perceive messages prevalent in mainstream media that we aren't good enough. Our skin is too dark, our hair too unruly. So if you are not black and are "uncomfortable" with this page. You should be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with the fact that a black beauty guru is less likely to get business deals from big corporations, uncomfortable with the fact that although there are thousands of black artists doing makeup only a few are featured by makeup pages and cosmetic companies. That should make you uncomfortable because it's not right. #blackisbeautiful 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾
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A month or so ago, a few bloggers of color when on a rant about accounts like @Vegas_Nay not featuring POC, and when they do its always the same one or two. While I understand the uproar, we have to stop trolling these pages demanding that they share black women. It makes us look silly and when they do share a black girl, its only to shut us up. I'm at a point in my life where I don't want to be in any space that tolerates me. I don't want a feature because I begged for one. I want to be where I am appreciated and what I have to offer is valued. These people don't value us, our talents and don't acknowledge the impact we make in the beauty industry.

Why would a company that doesn't make our shade of foundation, share us on their media sites? We are not their market. What they do is they send us (black bloggers) free product to market to our following (mostly african american women) for them and 9 times out of 10 for FREE! That is another topic that I plan to address in a youtube video. I have too much to say for it to be a blog post. I want to rant to bad, but I won't because this post is about the good things happening over at MFMG.

You should follow Makeup For Melanin Girls because it is a platform that appreciates and celebrates people of color in every shade! Dark and light skin people of color are featured daily and representation matters for us all.


When Beyoncé was performing during at the half-time at the Superbowl, my beautiful baby cousin, Arianna who is 3 years old with chocolate skin screamed at her mom and I, "LOOK!!!! ITS A BLACK GIRL!" as she danced along to the tune. I teared up immediately because it was an amazing moment for her and for me to witness. She was so excited, and that's when I was reminded of the importance of our young black boys and girls seeing someone who looks like them thrive. I don't care how you feel about Beyonce, her song or video. She stood in front of 100 million + people and made a statement. Rip it apart however you may, but she did that! People are talking, white people felt excluded (how ass backwards is that?) and women are empowered. Sigh...can't make everyone happy.

Any-who, please go follow this page and others like it. Seeing how products look on your skin tone is important too!

Again we must stop begging for inclusion on white washed platforms, and uplift our fellow sister mua's! Thank you Makeup for Melanin Girls for pushing the conversation, and actually doing something about it.

Any other pages out there that I should know about? If so, link and shout them out below!

*This is not an anti vegas_nay post. Its a "they celebrate their own, so lets celebrate our own" kind of post. LOL*
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