NEW Year, NEW Me... NO Bull Sh*t!!!| January Weight-loss Results

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Hello Beauties!

I'm ├╝ber late I know...but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As you all know at the top of the year you begin to see all of your friends talking about how "THIS" is their year. They're about to be on that grind, losing weight, getting money, and leaving their sorry a$$ boyfriends behind. Right?! Well I didn't want to be that girl and even though I was thinking these same things I kept them to myself. Over the past few years I've desperately tried losing weight and here I am in 2016....still fat. Instead of doing a long blog post about what I'm "going" to do in 2016, I figured it would be best if I showed you. So here I am 1 month into my 1000th attempt to lose weight and I couldn't be happier with my results. I mean, just LOOK at me! My goal for the month of January was -10lbs. I got very close with a loss of -8lbs! I'll take it....

This is the longest I've stuck with going to the gym. I go about 4-5 times a week. Rain, Sleet or Snow...I'm still going to the gym. Sick? Like I have been all weekend? Still went to the gym. I've truly developed the habit of going and I couldn't be happier about it. Because when I don't want to go, my body tells me to. It longs for it, looks forward to a good workout. 

To stay motivated I attend all of Zumba, Caribbean dance class, and soon Kickboxing each week. I do NOT deprive myself of anything. If I want a burger, I have it...WITH the bun too. :)

As long as its not super late at night and as long as I haven't eaten anything like that in the past 2 weeks. I don't call it cheating, I call it enjoying life WHILE on my journey. Cutting myself off from all the foods I loved in the past only lead me back to binge eating. Stress also leads me back to over eating so I decided to not do anything (under my control) to stress me out. I have a lot going on with my kids. 1 is in school and the other I bring to speech therapy 2-3 times a week thats over an hour away from where I live. THIS is why this post is my first of the year. After picking up my kids from school, speech therapy, makeup clients and my intense workouts...I refused to blog. Blogging/ YouTube videos after doing all these things just stresses me out!

Any-who, in the future as I gain more knowledge and direction on my weight-loss I will go into more detail. I'm unsure if I want to count calories, or track my macros, etc. I'm hoping my the end of February I'll have a better understanding/more of a routine to share with you all. Until then I just wanted to let you all know what I've been up to. Now I can get back to my beauty posts...but if you see a lot of health posts....bare with me. This weight HAS to come off...even if anything else (except the babies) has to take a back seat.

For more inspiration follow my weight-loss page ThickGirlFit!

Love you guys! 

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  1. I just recently came across your post from 2014 when you were using Herbalife. Are you still using it? What are your thoughts on the replacement meal shake? Would you use it again?

  2. Losing weight is really difficult task. It’s really tough to do proper diet and workout regular. Getting inspire from you. Thanks for share your experience :)


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