Estée Lauder had a BABY! | The Estée Edit: First Impression + Swatches

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H E L L O  B E A U T I E S !
Have you heard of The Estée Edit?! No? Well incase you didn't know, Estée Lauder had a baby in effort to cater to younger consumers. Have you seen their display in Sephora?! Before I get into my first looks something like this...
Major change in the packaging to appeal to millennials.  
The Esteé Edit offers a wide range of bold colors. Some you're less likely to see at Esteé Lauder.
Loving these Nude lip pencils and lipsticks. There is something here for everyone!
I love eye-catching packaging and displays. This is done right because I was walking around in Sephora and saw this royal blue color out of my peripheral vision and I had to go over and look at it. Stand out in Sephora is pretty hard so, kudos! 
Here are a few Estée Edit items I've been fortunate enough to test out:
Ok, lets address the elephant in the room (lol). As a blogger, I should know better and keep my nails on point. I'm sorry guys, today you'll have to deal with the fact that I'm not perfect. 
The Flash Illuminator is really nice. As you can see above it gave my hand a very nice, subtle glow. I can't wait to slap some of this stuff on my shoulders at the beach this 4th of July weekend. Outside of that I don't know what else to say. I didn't gasp at its beauty, nor do I dislike it. Its just....nice. 
As you can see from the swatch on my hand, its not the blackest. I'm huge on a product doing the the package says its suppose to do. So, I was sad to see it wasn't "the blackest." I do however LOVE the applicator. You can create a thin or thick winged eyeliner ease! I wish it didn't wipe off so easily. This eyeliner is also nice. It was so close to being a winner.
First of all (view photo below), who is this supposed to bronze? Me? *insert side eye*
I'm going to take this time to speak for black bloggers everywhere who are tired of receiving skin items that we can't test. Mainly because we are rarely sent items in our shade. However, I will say that they tried. I can tell from the package they sent me, that they actually looked at my pictures and sent me what they thought would work. Thank you Estée Edit. To the brands that just send me white shades...........................moving on. 
This powder will not work for me, I need something a tad bit darker. However I can tell from the swatch above and its smooth texture that it will work for my clients who are a shade or two lighter than me. 
I'm impressed. The Estée Edit, even though the shades I received didn't work for me, others at Sephora would have. If you are a mom looking to introduce your daughter to makeup, start here! Definitely go and try these out for yourself. Get samples! I really think that the Flash Illuminator is going to give me (and those looking at me) LIFE when I wear it at the beach. 
Go get your Glow on! Until next time...
*All items mentioned were provided by The Estée Edit for review purposes. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own. Do not use without permission*


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