Anastasia Beverly Hills Lauched a new Glow Kit! OH WAIT & White Silence when it comes to POLICE BRUTALITY

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H E L L O  B E A U T I E S

*speaking quickly* 

Beauty News: Anastasia Beverly Hills launched a NEW Glow kit called Moonchild! I don't have it yet to review. Its looks pretty! Now that I've given you some beauty talk, on to whats really on my mind... and I'll try to be quick. My mind is moving a mile a minute so, these are literally my thoughts below in no particular order or all together. I just need to get this out my mind...

Two black men were murdered on camera in less than 24hrs. One for selling cd's in front of a store where he received permission to do so. The other died on Facebook live as hundreds of thousands of people watched him take his last front of his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter. He told the cop he had a gun, I'm sure in the hopes that the cop didn't randomly see it and shoot him. Didn't matter. They shot and killed him anyway. I'm not going to go deep into detail, you can google that. 

I like many of you who actually care about black lives find ourselves a little restless this morning. Scrolling through our social media timelines all night, watching the same videos over and over again. Doing our best to avoid the comment section because that's where the "all lives matter" crew rally to co-sign each others ignorance. 

With my lack of sleep and all, a petty spirit came over me. I decided to go on every white persons page (that I'm friends with) on Facebook, Ig, Twitter, etc.. and look for support, empathy, sympathy. Found nothing. So then I thought to myself, "...maybe they haven't been online in a while." Oh what's that? They last posted 20min ago?! Oh, okay. Do you really think I want to see your ass smiling on the damn beach wearing "boxer braids" right now? You think I want to watch videos of you turning up to rap music? I'm jealous that you get to enjoy the things we love and created without ever being labeled anything other than "chic" and "hip." 

Like many of my other black friends who've expressed this via snapchat and Facebook, I too am annoyed by the silence of our white "friends" who swear up and down that they are not racist. Why are you so silent? Don't comment and tell me how many black friends you have. Comment telling me how you are going to use your white privilege to help spread awareness! Use it to put your racist parents and grandparents in their place! Call them out on their ignorance. You guys have power. Power that we could use toward the fight against police brutality; but you privileged mother fuckers only use it when you want to steal our trends and pass them as your own. Your silence is what's fueling racism! Your silence is the reason why it won't end. 

Here's a quote (unknown source) that sums up how I'm feeling perfectly. 

Why is it so hard to admit that some cops are racist? That some don't care to try and spare the life of a black man?! I know for a fact that at some point in your life you've heard your aunts and uncles talk about black people, don't lie! You know you've heard them call us monkeys, lazy, make fun of our hair and our music. Right?! How can you believe we are making these things up? Why do you CHOOSE to believe blacks are making these stories up? Why is video not enough for you? You're not racist you say. You have black friends you say. Well have you ever asked them how your silence makes them feel? Do you even care? I mean, you have black friends right! Friends care about each other...right?

Do you not realize that some of your grand and great grand parents are in this photo?!?!?! How do you not realize that the white woman in the 2016 photo represents some of your parents. That hate was passed down....

All I'm trying to say is, have a heart. Its ok to say black lives matter. You can say it and still keep ALL of your white privilege! If you could pause and take a moment to honor the lives of the Pulse victims, why can't you do that now? Please tell me how its not the same. These are hate crimes! 

I don't know what else to say guys. I haven't slept ALL night and I had to get this off my chest in the hopes that after, I could rest. Sad to say....I don't feel any better. Knowing so many of you are willing to stand by silently as these things happen truly makes me sick to my stomach.

...but by all means. Keep blasting our music, watching Kevin Hart movies, braiding your hair, filling your lips and your ass. Keep associating yourselves with us when its convenient for you while we lay in pools of our own blood. 

an angry black woman.

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  1. I feel you Bee! I see the police brutality problem in simpler terms: You shouldn't be allowed to police a people who you don't understand or who you fear. The concept of protect and serve doesn't enter into the mind of sheep with a gun if he feels like he's surrounded by wolves.

    The silence of privileged people is deafening but not surprising.

  2. I love you for this. I'm black too and find it appalling how white folks are always quick to express condolences for the Pulse incident or that France thing last year but they dont even acknowledge when there are tragedies involving BLACK communities. White people truly do not realize how good they have it in this world. My mom and I were just talking about this yesterday. It's sad and disgusting how messed up this world is and how alot of people do not care unless it's affecting them.

  3. Great commentary. Some people have a humanity deficit, they can only feel sympathy or compassion or be outraged at an injustice, when the victim looks like them. Not all the talk in the world can change the mind of someone who chooses to be willfully ignorant as to how racism/prejudice/bias is ingrained in their DNA and that their lack of honesty & self awareness makes them complicit in the wrongs committed against people whose only "crime" is the color of their skin.


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