Crochet Queen | Behind My Infamous Crochet Braid Photo is an Amazing Stylist: Meet Hershun + Frequently Asked Questions

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H E Y  B E A U T I E S !


I didn't know when I uploaded this picture that it would spark something. Not to toot my own horn, but I literally brought crochet braids back. LOL!!! Let me stop....but for real. *wink*

Any-who,  I uploaded this picture one afternoon not knowing I would later find it on billboards, craigslist ads and Instagram ads from stylists claiming to have done my hair, etc. (See pictures on the right) *insert major side eye* 

Even though this picture was taken almost 2 years ago, I still get emails everyday asking me for details on this hair style. What kind of hair? Did I roll it? Was it pre-rolled, etc. So the other day, after answering the same question for the 1000th time, I was mad at myself for just now thinking to do a blog post about it. SMH at me.

So many people have been taking credit for it, so I wanted to come and show my Atlanta based Crochet Braid Stylist, Hershun Troutman some love. She kept my hair on point and one too many people have taken credit for her work. 

My Crochet Hair Stylist

Here's some of her work she's done on her other clients. Be sure to follow her on Insta! She does makeup as well.

As you can see her work is amazing! Here are some answers to questions I'm asked all the time. Outside of these questions, please reach out to Hershun herself. She knows more as my stylist.

What kind of hair did you use? 

I used so many different kinds of hair and honesty I can't tell you what kind I used in each photo. I will say that I used and LOVED Jamaican Twist Marley Hair, Cuban Marly Hair. Hershun uses a different kind of hair as well, but I really want you guys to reach out to her so Im holding out on y'all a bit. lol #supportsmallblackbusinesses

How long does the style last?

One time Hershun did my hair so good that I didn't take it out for a good 3 months. I could've kept it in, but I knew my hair really needed a good washing. I of course kept up with it and and trimmed my hair as needed. If you take care of it and your scalp, the style and the curls will last a very long time.

Who did your hair? Where is she Located? How much does she charge?

Like I stated above, Hershun works in the surrounding atl areas. You can go to her, or she can come to you for an additional fee. I don't want to put her prices on here, so feel free to contact her and she'll happily quote you.

That all folks. Thats all I know. I HAD to do this post because after so long, I'm honestly amazed that people are still sharing, stealing, pinning, and recreating this look. Also because I don't know all of the answers to the questions many of you are asking to have this look for yourself. So many people have taken credit for these photos, so I wanted to do an entire post to point all fingers at Hershun. She works quickly, she's affordable and she does the most natural looking crochet braids out there. This is why my picture went viral, because it looks so natural. My makeup and my lil tattoo is cute too but, trust. Its all about the hair!

I hope this answered all your questions. If you have more, hit Hershun up here---> Click me

Love you Hershun.

Until next time,


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