Event Recap | Cocktails With Claire w/ Special Guests Keri Hilson and Miss Diddy in Atlanta!

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H E Y  B E A U T I E S !

Over the weekend, along with many of ATL's social media elite I had the pleasure of attending Cocktails with Claire w/ Miss Diddy & Special Guest Keri Hilson (who is absolutely stunning in person. My God!) 

I'll post what I wore in a blog post to follow. All I can say is, I tried. With that said, I was really looking forward to the panel. As I stated in my previous post, I really wanted some incite on how to push forward with doing style posts and developing my own style in general. Though you guys often tell me how stylish I am, I just do not see it. My days are so busy with my boys and on most days I grab and go. I'd like to get to the point where no matter what I grab, even in a hurry that is my style and it makes sense.  Needless to say I absolutely loved the "Breaking Into Fashion" panel discussion. 

Photo Credit: Lauren Martinez
Pictured: Derek J, Miss Diddy LA, Claire Sulmers, Marlow Hampton, Shun Melson, Shanti Das, Tameka Foster
Everyone on the panel answered the same question. It was something along the lines of "Tell us a moment when you had to take a leap of faith, also, what was your "Momma, I made it!"moment?"

One things was clear after hearing everyone speak. Taking that leap of faith isn't easy and sometimes when you don't have the courage to do it on your own, you'll find yourself forced out of your current situation. You'll suddenly be fired from your job, on the verge of losing your home, etc. These are just a few things they've mentioned that led them to their dream jobs.

If you're sitting on an idea that you know its amazing; waiting for the right time or trying to save a certain amount of money is going to leave you at the end of the game. Don't get me wrong, its still necessary to plan but don't take up too much time. While you're sitting on this idea, someone else might have one similar who already put things in motion. Example: I had an idea a year or so about creating a hair product. One I've never seen. I asked a friend for advise, and she laughed. She convinced me my idea was stupid. Then about a few months ago on Instagram, I saw an ad for the very thing I thought to create. The idea my friend laughed up. I was upset for being so weak and not moving forward with my idea.

Moral of the story. Get moving...now. Don't ask for permission and don't look for your idea or your dream to be understood or accepted by your loved ones and peers. This is how everyone in the picture above became successful. They kept on moving. Past all their fears and all their doubts. 

If you find Cocktails with Claire is heading to your city, I suggest you go. The panel is amazing and its a great way to connect and collaborate with other creatives in your area!

Enjoy the few photos I was able to take at the event. Boy was it a jungle in the media area! I did my best. (lol)

Until next time, 
LOVED Marlow's gold skirt by Gucci! 
Marlow Hamton & Keri Hilson
Keri + Miss Diddy LA
Look who I bumped into. You might have seen him on my snapchat. Mr. BlameitonKway!
Social Media Comedian/Celeb *We coming for Kylie!*

Makeup artist, Japanese faces

Fashion Bomb Daily goodie bags were Sponsored by Dark & Lovely!
Official Sponsors in the Building. Dark and Lovely!

Beautiful pieces from one of the vendors! 
BEAUTIFUL handmade Copper pieces by Elouinia!
The food was amazing! Have the chef's info? Let me know below. Lord know, I've tried to find him.

That's all folks!

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